Granny Square Day

Granny Square Day is an international online celebration on Instagram, which takes place every year on the 15th of August.

Granny Square Day began back in 2014 by Susan Regalia on Instagram.
Susan says, “I had just learned to crochet and was enamoured with the cheerful little granny square, and the idea of having a Granny Square Day was born”.

While Susan knew her day had proven popular, she hadn’t anticipated the snowballing popularity of the event, which had over 6,000 posts in 2018. It was this avalanche that led to her handing over the reins to Simply Crochet, to ensure Granny Square Day could continue to reach its potential and continue its mission to unite crocheters the world over.

The idea was for people to post a square photo of a granny square they had made and to tag it so that when people look at the hashtag what they would see looks like the biggest granny square blanket ever.

 A little bit of history…

The granny square first made its debut in 1891, in The Art of Crocheting as an engraving. It wasn’t until 1897, however, that a written pattern was published in Weldon’s Practical Needlework.

What is a granny square?

A traditional granny square pattern is a name for a motif that’s worked in granny stitch.
Granny stitch is a group of 3 double crochets (or in UK terms, trebles).
All three double crochets are worked in the same stitch or space, separated with a chain 1 from other stitches.
Although many of us make granny stitch without the separating chain-1.

The modern “Granny Square”

As with all things, lines get blurred, and what are really modern Afghan squares or motifs, are now all miss named as Granny Squares.

How to make a Granny Square – US terms.

1. Chain 4 and join to 1st chain with a slip-stitch to form a ring [you can also use a magic ring].

2. R1. Chain 3 [counts as dc], 2 dc into ring, (chain 2 [forms corner], 3 dc into ring) 3 times, chain 2.
Join to top of ch-3 with a sl-st.

3. R2. TURN, chain 3 [counts as dc], (2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) into same ch-2 corner space,
*skip next 3 sts, in next ch-2 corner space (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) 3 times. *
Join to top of ch-3 with a sl-st.

I suggest turning your work as you begin each round to keep your work square and to avoid “tilting”, this makes your square reversible as there is no right or wrong side.

4. R3. TURN, chain 3 [counts as dc], 2 dc between 3dc groups,
*in next ch-2 corner space (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc), 3 dc between 3dc groups. *
Repeat for each side.
Join to top of ch-3 with a sl-st.

Continue to work as many rounds as you require, either with just one colour or as many colours as you like.

Back to my childhood

As a child, my Nana taught me how to crochet (and knit, and cook, and sew, and all kinds of crafts).

All of our clothes were handmade, jumpers and cardigans were all knitted, by Nan or Mum and there was always lots of leftovers. Nan used to make tiny motifs with all the scraps, and when she had enough, she would make blankets with them.
Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of the blankets that Nan used to make, but I have decided to create my own version, to remind me of the love I was given as a child and as a tribute to my Grandmother (Nan).

This is going to be a work in progress for some time to come, but if you would like to join me…. here’s how…

Nana’s Motif US terms

1. Ch 4 and join to 1st ch with a sl-st to form a ring. This will leave your centre slightly open.

2. Ch 4 [counts as tr], 15 tr into ring.
Join to top of ch-4, fasten off, and secure ends. [16tr]

3. Join with a standing sc in any stitch,
*skip next st, 9 tr in next st, skip next st, sc in next st. * 
Repeat from * to * 4 times, omit last sc.
Join to standing sc, fasten off, and secure all ends. [4 sc, 4 shells of 9 tr each]

that’s it…. it really is that simple 🙂
You can use just one colour for each motif or use two colours as I have done.
Make as many as you can, and keep them somewhere safe, and I will come back to you to show you how to join them all together.

Let’s get back to the subject of Granny Square Day.

Last Sunday 15th August I posted in my Facebook group – Helen’s Hookaholics – asking members to share a photo of their favourite Afghan square [my designs only] and to briefly say why it is their favourite.
This was organised as a competition with the top 10 winning a pattern for an Afghan square of their choice.
But I decided to give them all a free pattern because I am nice like that 😉

Here are just some of the entries, and what each person had to say about their square.

Yuliya Carty
“My cup runs over” from A life inspired.
I was absolutely astonished how one can even imagine to make a crochet square with that wee cup in the middle and flat in the back.
Absolutely amazing.

Ruth Egan-Linnecar
This is Connections from A Life Inspired which is the first ‘granny square’ project I’ve done of Helen’s. I’ve completed most of the squares now but this is my favourite as it just looks to intricate and was lots of fun to make too. It’s not totally square yet as I’m saving the blocking until the very end.

Jody Extra

Destiny. I just love the way it turned out. I was a bit of a challenge for me, but it paid off.

Margaret Curran
I made this cushion for my sister to go with the Blanket I made for her. But my partner loved them so much that she didn’t get them. My partner still likes it and when he finally sits down he usually sits with it under his arm. One side is Squircle shown here, and the other side is Sweet Caroline.

Rhody Vaughn
I’m making afghans for my 4 aunts this year for Christmas. I looked at so many patterns, possibly all of them. This is Star Crossed. I chose this one because I wanted something pretty and unique. One that would look good in different colours. This is perfect. The design is so beautiful and fun, good thing because I need to make 80 of them.

Gina Brophy
This is Sanctuary that I made on a retreat that I was privileged to go to in Swindon in 2019. I love the colours I chose and the pattern takes you to a Sanctuary too … I got to know the designer who is an absolute joy to be with 😁 I also learned so much, I even hear her voice in my ear saying ‘Read the Pattern Gina!!!” 💜💜💜 xx

Sarah Thorpe
Sweet Caroline, this was my first make, following only a pattern, made using leftovers, I was so proud of myself, it’s still on display now, even though the colours don’t match anything, but it’s all mine 😁

This is Spiro Star made by Isabel.

Isabell said – I LOVE

And I have to say I love the colours and the creativity of the photo.
Spiro Star was my 2nd ever published pattern back in February 2015.

Chennell Hinton

I love the Guinevere Square from Rose of Avalon. It is stunning and looks amazing in so many different colours. I have made this blanket three times now and each time I think “wow”.


Abi Wilson

I made Wishful thinking for my best friend as her wedding present. I had so much fun making this, it is always so amazing to work on any of Helen’s patterns as they are so easy to read and enjoyable to make. My best friend absolutely loves the bedspread and so do I! Here is one of the main four squares 💜 xx

Granny squares, Afghan Squares, Motifs are a great way to use up all your yarny odds and ends to make spectacular throws, blankets, clothing, bags, items for your home…. the list is endless.

Learning to join squares or motifs is often what puts people off of making them. it is just another crochet skill to learn and perfect, so is working away ends, blocking squares… don’t limit your enjoyment of this awesome craft by limiting your skills.

Please take a look at some of my tutorials to help you.



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