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Let your dreams be the light that guides you

Creating Yarn Magic, one stitch at a time

Who knows where the road goes, where the love flows, only time..... Enya

When we allow ourselves time to listen to our heart and allow our creativity to flow. Peace descends upon us and joy starts to grow. Do what you love and love who you are. You are divinely perfect in every way.

The Stone People have always been a part of my life. I am surrounded by crystals in my home, and when I am working. I am constantly amazed by their teachings, and the amazing energy they share. Life is an amazing adventure, from my day to day adventures with Mr J, Westie Extraordinaire, to my travels to the other side of the world, I share my thoughts and feelings from some of my Amazing Adventures.

I am a very spiritual person. I will from time to time share my thoughts and connections with Angels, the Faye folk and other Higher Beings. Often their messages come to me through poems, I hope you enjoy them and find comfort, love and joy in their words.

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Crochet is an art form, a passion, an addiction, a therapy, whatever you want to call it, to me it is the most fun you can have with yarn. So, let’s create yarn magic, one stitch at a time. Tutorials, how to crochet basic stitches, special stitches, how to choose and work with colour. Photo tutorials and video tutorials.
Designs and patterns, my designs with links to patterns, split into easy to find sections.

CAL’s – Crochet A-Long’s, for you to join thousands of people, from all over the world as we weave our yarn magic together.

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