How do I become a member?

Please follow this link, it will take you to a blog post all about how to use the website and being a free or monthly member.

Where do I find the patterns?

On the menu bar at the top of the website, you will see a tab for Patterns, with a drop-down menu for the different categories of patterns I design, just click and explore.

If you are looking for the Crochet A Long patterns then click on that tab and it will take you to the main CAL page with all the designs, or there is also a drop-down menu for each of the different cals.

How do I download the FREE patterns?

First, you need to be a member, either a free or monthly member, the choice is yours.

Then when you go to the free pattern page it will ask you to sign in.

Sign in – from your members’ dashboard, you will see a tab that says free patterns, click and scroll through until you find the pattern you are looking for.

Is it ok to share free patterns?

NO! it is never ok to share any pattern as they are all covered by copyright law and should never be shared, reproduced or copied in any way.

Please share the link to the pattern page with anyone so that they can either download or purchase it for themselves.

Where can I buy yarn packs?

Each Blanket/Afghan pattern has details of the yarn packs with a button to click to take you to the sellers’ website.

Where do I find the colours per round?

For Crochet A Longs, go to the CAL you are making and scroll down to Introducing … Open the page and scroll down to Yarn Packs, you will then see the colours per round link [underlined], click and the pdf will open for you to download and save.

For Blanket/Afghan Patterns, in the Yarn Pack section you will see the colours per round link [underlined], click and the pdf will open for you to download and save. Or it will state “colours per round included in pattern” and each colour will have a number next to it, on the 1st or 2nd page of the pattern you will see a list of the colours and their respective number e.g. C1 – White, C6 – Storm Blue etc. At the beginning of each round, after the round number, you will see C1, C6 etc this tells you which colour to use for that round.

Are there colouring-in sheets for all patterns?

No, there are some available for some of the CALS, which have, very kindly, been created by … but they are not available for all patterns.

Where do I find the video tutorials?

I have many different video tutorials.

For CAL videos please go to the CAL you are making, and then to the part you need, scroll down and you will see the video links there.

For Special Stitches and tutorials please go to my YouTube Channel.

For paid patterns, once you have purchased the video tutorial you will need to go to your members’ dashboard – my crochet collection, where you will see all the videos.

I purchased a pattern or video and it is not in my collection.

Patterns/videos will only show in your collection if you were signed in when you completed check-out. If you were not signed in please email me at helen@crystalsandcrochet.com so that I can add it to your members’ collection for you.