Magic Ring

There are many photo tutorials and video tutorials out there, showing many different techniques for a “Magic Ring” or circle.

Let me first say….there is no right or wrong way!

There is just the way that works for you.

And this is my way.

With all of my designs that are worked in the round, I will start with a Magic Ring.

I have heard many people say they don’t trust them, they come undone, they are too fiddly…. and a whole load of other reasons for not using them.

The reason many people find the magic ring comes undone is because it is not secured correctly.

Well of course it is totally up to you, if you want to use a chain circle then do carry on that way.

However I feel the Magic Ring gives much more flexibility and control over the size of your centre space, especially if stitches from the next round are to be worked over or behind round 1.


Here is how I do it….

1. Wrap the yarn over your finger, then wrap a 2nd time crossing over the 1st and towards the back of your hand, keep this on the relaxed side, not too tight.

2. Put your hook UNDER the loop closest to the tip of your finger [1st loop], and OVER the next loop [2nd loop].

3. Pull your hook through, picking up the 2nd loop and twisting as you pull through, forming a working loop on your hook.

4. Yarn over and pull through to make a chain 1.


As you work your stitches for round 1, make sure you are working over both the ring and the tail end.

Gently pull on the tail end and close your Magic Ring.

Join to 1st stitch or chain, as instructed.

I normally wait until I have completed the next few rounds before fastening my Magic Ring closed.


To secure your Magic Ring, and never have it come undone, thread tail end on a yarn needle and work through the base of round 1 stitches, following the same direction as your yarn, [clockwise for right handed and anti clockwise for left handed], turn your needle and work back in the opposite direction, do this 3 to 4 times.

Make sure as you change direction each time that you give a gentle pull to make sure you have “caught” the yarn.

Cut off the remaining tail end and presto you have a secure Magic Ring that will not come undone.




If with all other tail ends you like to work over them rather than sew them in, that’s fine, but this is the one that you must sew in to make it really secure.


Video tutorial


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