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A Life Inspired

A Life Inspired,originally designed as a crochet a-long for Crochet Now magazine is now available as an E-Book.

In US and UK terms as a photo tutorial or written pattern.

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Also available to purchase in my Ravelry store.


Image courtesy of Crochet Now



I love designing afghan squares, and I love the flexibility they give you in creating your own blanket.

When Crochet Now, a very popular crochet magazine in the UK, asked me to design a crochet a-long for their readers I straight away knew it had to be squares.

Then I started to go through my process of what was I going to design, how was I going to find the inspiration for a 13 part cal?

12 squares would make up 12 parts, and the final part would be the joining and border, well that was easy, but where was my inspiration coming from?

While designing this cal last year [2018] I was still grieving for the loss of my Mother, I was trying to sell her home and find my forever home, there seemed to be so many obstacles.

So, in true Helen style, I asked my Angels.
The first thing that came to me was…
What inspires me?
What is my ethos for life?
And then the ideas and visions of what I wanted to create flew through my mind like a whirlwind.

I wanted this to be a progressive learning project for people of all skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or experienced crocheter you will learn some new stitches as you progress through the pattern.

The Squares

12 squares with my thoughts for how I have been inspired through my life.




Guiding light

We all have an inner voice that guides us through life, all we need to do is stop and listen.


Written in the Stars

Maybe we have some control over our lives, or maybe everything we experience is predestined?


Don’t Fence Me In

There are many times in life that we can feel restricted by events or people, but we are always able to find a gate to open.


Time Frames

In this busy, modern world we all seem to have to work to time frames, sometimes we pull it together and other times it slips away.

Star of the Show

You are always the star of your own show!


Changing Direction

No matter what path you think you are on in life, the compass will spin and you will be off in another direction before you know it.


Opening Doors

When one door closes there is always another waiting for you to open it.

My Cup Runs Over

When we look for the joy in life and practice an attitude of gratitude, we come to see how many blessings we have in life.

Twists and Turns

Our journey through life is full of twists and turns, when we go with these changes, we can create something beautiful.

Angelic Whispers

Angels surround us, protecting us and whispering loving guidance to us all, we just need to learn to listen.


As we journey through life we make connections, some for a short period of time and others for a lifetime.

Wheel of Fate

Some things in life are going to happen, no matter what we try to do to change it. Maybe it is better to accept where life wants to lead us so that there are less bumps in the road.

Join and border

Should you decide to change the number of squares used and you have an even number of squares you will have to skip only 1 stitch at R2 the 3dc cluster round

“The Sky’s the Limit”

Stylecraft Life and Batik ~ Recommended hook size 4mm

Stylecraft yarns are available from any of my recommended partners at the bottom of the page.

C1 Batik Coral       4 x 50g              552 meters
C2 Life Ice Blue     2 x 100g            276 meters
C3 Life Cascade    3 x 100g           894 meters
C4 Life Denim        4 x 100g           1192 meters
C5 Batik Storm       5 x 50g             690 meters
C6 Life White         2 x 100g           596 meters
C7 Batik Silver       5 x 50g             690 meters
Total – 25 balls                               total 4890 meters

Colour per round is included in the pattern.

Finished size…56” x 80” 142cm x 203cm

Yarn pack available from Wool Warehouse


Stylecraft Special Dk ~ Recommended hook size 4mm

Stylecraft yarns are available from my recommended partners at the bottom of the page.

C1 Jaffa                    3 x 100g          885 meters
C2 Empire                 3 x 100g          885 meters
C3 Sunshine             4 x 100g          1180 meters
C4 Emperor              5 x 100g          1475 meters
C5 Bright Pink           2 x 100g          590 meters
C6 Bright Green        3 x 100g          885 meters
C7 Wisteria               3 x 100g          885 meters
Total – 23 balls                                   total 4890 meters

Happy Colours -colour per round pdf

Finished size…56” x 80” 142cm x 203cm

Yarn pack available from Woolwarehouse

A couple more beautiful examples of A Life Inspired.

Ineke made a 2nd blanket as a lapghan, using Aran weight yarn and a 5mm hook, the squares come out at 12 inches each, and she made just 1 of each square, and as you can see the texture of the squares shows beautifully when a light solid colour is used. Ravelry project page

Mellissa has the details of what she used on her Ravelry project page.

Lesley used Stylecraft Special Dk
C1.Spice 480yd/439m – C2Fuchsia 564yds/516m – C3Sage 840yds/769m – C4Storm 786yds/719m -C5Tomato 408yds/374m -C6Violet 642yds/588m.
Lesley only used 6 colours so alternated C7 depending on how the colours were going, and above list is total amount used..

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 Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. 

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  1. Roopam Carroll (verified owner)

    I have just made the first square, Guiding Light and it was a pleasure to make. I always find with Helen’s patterns that the design emerges as I make it… the photos look lovely, but when it is hooked up in yarn the pattern is stunning. Thank you

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