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Sacred Space Part 1

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Welcome to the beginning of our journey together into Sacred Space.
I am honoured to share both this design and this journey with you all.

From humble beginnings, a journey of love, peace and tranquillity allows us all to share in our collective growth. When soul touches soul and heart touches heart, we feel the magic begin to flow.


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Please read all the information below and remember to ask if you need help.

Please remember this is my design and is covered by copyright law, you can download the pattern for your own use, and you may do whatever you like with your finished Sacred Space blanket. However, you may not copy any part of the pattern or make any publication using any part or whole of the pattern, nor is anyone authorised to make any video tutorials. You may not use any of my photographs for your own promotional purposes. To let anyone know about this or any of my designs, cals [crochet a-long], or patterns please only share a link to my website for the appropriate design.

 Please love and respect me as a designer, as I love and respect each of you.

If you have not read the post Introducing Sacred Space, please do.
It has all the information on yarn requirements and the details for the two official yarn packs, Sacred Love and Sacred Balance.

Before you go rushing off to start please have a little read through the helpful hints and tips below.

Part 1 is quite a lot of work, but, as the rounds are smaller, I knew you would all be raring to go, and most of you will have no trouble completing this in 1 week or less, but please remember this is not a race. Work at your own pace and enjoy every stitch.

There are lots of special stitches in part 1, instructions are at the beginning of the pattern, and I cover them all in detail in the video tutorials, so do use the videos to help you, if you need to. Those of you familiar with my designs will recognise some of my signature stitches, like the Ruffle Stitch, and my perfect picots.

Remember you can always ask for help, the best place to do that is in my Facebook group Helen’s Hookaholics.
If you do not use Facebook, then please email me using the contact form here on my website.

♥ Take your time, this is not a race, enjoy every moment of each stitch you create.

♥ Use stitch markers, they are your friend, and will keep you on the right path.

♥ Check your stitch count after every repeat, it is essential to the shape of this design, and will save having to rip/frog your work.
The only frogs we want are the kind that turn into a Prince!

Make sure you download the correct terminology for you. There are both US and UK pdf’s, in both photo tutorial or written only patterns.

 Enjoy your journey. Relax and put love and peace into every stitch, it can be frustrating when we try something new, but by trying in a relaxed state of mind we learn more quickly and more efficiently.

 DO NOT block your work until after you have finished part 9, blocking or stretching your work may make it more difficult as we progress and the shape of your blanket changes.

 Photos are a wonderful way to share your connection with others, to build your confidence, and to build the joyous feeling of achievement.
Please feel free to share photos in the Facebook group, but just a little hint… when you are taking a photo of your finished section, try to use natural daylight, smooth your work out, and have a plain background. This will show off your work in the best way.
Also add a watermark to your photos to stop unscrupulous people from using your photos for their benefit, or to pass it off as their work. It is easy to add a watermark/text from the photo editor on your phone or pc.

Sacred Balance colour pack

Sacred Love colour pack

A Little Reminder…

Yarn packs are calculated from the amount of yarn I use to make the finished blanket.

To ensure you have enough yarn in your pack, please check your tension and gauge by following the instructions in the Cosmic Countdown post.

Sacred Space colours per round

This pdf has the colours per round for the 2 official yarn packs, including meters used.

Those of you doing stash busters will find the meters used helpful, especially as we get to the larger/longer rounds.

For the colours used by any of my awesome testers please go to their Ravelry project page as linked in the intro post.

Sacred Space part 1 is available as

♥ US terms Photo Tutorial -US terms written pattern – Video tutorial US terms.
UK terms Photo Tutorial – UK terms written pattern

And also in the following languages
Afrikaans Arabic – عربى Czech – Čeština Danish – Dansk Dutch – Nederlands  Finnish – Suomi ♥ French – Francais  German – Deutsche  Hebrew – עברית  Hungarian – Magyar  Indonesian  Italian – Italiano Russian – русский Spanish – Español Swedish -Svenska Urdu – اردو

Please select your option, add to your basket and you will receive your download Free.

Enormous thanks to the amazing ladies who translated this cal for so many people from around the world to join us.

♥ US terms Video Tutorial

As there are a lot of rounds in part 1 the video is in 2 parts.

Some part 1 eye candy for you all.

These gorgeous photos show you part one made by my awesome testing team, and as you will see some of them have started to make a second one already.

Have fun, I can’t wait to see your progress.

 Please remember all of my patterns are covered by copyright law and may not be copied or shared in any way. You may share a link to my website or Ravelry store with anyone, you may print the PDF for your own use, but please do not alter, change or share in any way.

 Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. 

 The best way to be in the know with all I am up to, is to follow crystalsandcrochet on Facebook.

 If you need help and advice, the quickest way to find support is to join Helen’s Hookaholics Facebook group. There you will find a very supportive group of likeminded people. It’s also a great place to share your crystalsandcrochet makes, and see what others are making, and see what I am up to.

 If you are not a fan of Facebook you can always email me with any questions you may have by using the contact form here.

 Please feel free to sign up to my YouTube channel for lots of helpful video tutorials.

7 reviews for Sacred Space Part 1

  1. Miriam Flatow (verified owner)

    Why has it taken me so long to discover you?! The patterns are gorgeous. The instructions are clear and fairly easy to follow – if not the tutorials explain in clear deal. I have only crocheted simple hats prior to finding your site. I dove right into the Sacred Space blanket because it was so beautiful and I am enjoying every minute. Thank you!!!

  2. Rini Tampi

    very challenging and yet relaxing

  3. Rini Tampi

    beautiful pattern

  4. cynthia yuliani

    i love your creation

  5. Ondrae Smith

    Beautiful blanket

  6. Michele Signoretti

    I’m scared to death , but this is going to be fun , thanks

  7. Sabiqun Nahar

    Nice pattern

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