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Nana’s Hug is a versatile FREE pattern designed to use up all those odds and ends.

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Fond memories of my childhood, wrapped in a blanket made of odds and ends, having hugs with my Nana.

This design is in honour of my Grandmother – Nana who taught me to crochet and is based on the blankets she used to make.

The pattern includes how to make Nana’s Motif and how to join, using a continuous join method.

Below you will see examples of different ways you can use Nana’s Motif to make blankets, throws, placemats, coasters.

You can use the motifs to make cushions, jackets, ponchos, the ideas are endless and limited only by your own creativity.


While looking through some old photos my sister Jane found this photo from 1980, with my two nephews and one of Nana’s blankets over the back of the sofa.

The quality of the photo is not great but you can still see the motifs, and that my new version is the same.

I have changed the joining method to make it less “holey”.


This project is designed to use up all those bits and bobs you have leftover from other projects.

You can use any type or weight of yarn, but for best results do not mix weights as it will give uneven results.

As you can imagine I have leftovers from all the blankets I make so I chose to pick all the Blue/Purple/Pink colours I had.

This is all Stylecraft Special Double knitting yarn, and I used a 4mm G hook.

I like to work in a production line and make all of round 1 first.

I find this way, I keep my tension even.

But if this is something you want to do as a portable project and over a period of time, then by all means make complete motifs and store them away until you have enough to make a project.

As you can see, yes, there are hundreds of ends, but, if you work away all the ends as you go, then it is much easier.

The video tutorial even includes how to work away the ends to make them secure and to avoid ever having them come undone.

I wanted to make myself a small throw, or lap-ghan, just to cover my legs when I am working on new or smaller projects.

My Nana’s Hug is 45 inches – 127 cm square.

I needed 225 motifs, that is 15 rows or columns of 15 motifs.

As well as all my odds and ends I used 2 100g balls of Stylecraft Special Dk in Denim for the join and border.

This took me 2 weeks to make, now do remember I crochet full time, in between writing and looking after everything on social media and my website. So let’s say an average 80 hours.

If you make the motifs as and when you have time, like while you are in between projects, or when you are waiting for appointments or watching the kids play sports, you will soon find you have enough to make a cushion or blanket.

For a size guide, and for you to work out how many motifs you will need, I made this sample square.

As you can see, 9 motifs, joined in a square will give you approx. 10 inches – 25 cm square.

Remember this is with Double Knit – 8-ply or #3 weight yarn and a 4mm G hook.
If you choose to use thinner yarn/smaller hook you will get a smaller square and equally so if you use a thicker yarn and larger hook you will get a larger square.
Aran – worsted yarn -10-ply or #4 weight yarn and a 5mm H hook will give you approx. 12 inches square.

From these basic measurements, you can work out how many motifs you need to make a baby blanket, cushion or whatever you want to make.

Here is a little something else I made.

I wanted a new placemat and coaster, to protect my lovely wooden table when I eat.

I have lots of odd balls of the old Stylecraft Cotton Classique, which I find perfect for this type of thing as cotton is heat resistant.

So here I was thinking ooooh lovely yellow and white, with green, I can make daisies!

Well, I have been giggling ever since I finished it as I think it looks more like avocado and poached eggs than daisies!! lol

The coaster is just 1 motif and with the border is 4 inches / 10 cm square.

The placemat is 12 motifs, 4 x 3 and is 13 x 10 inches / 33 x 25 cm.

Here are some examples made by my awesome testing team.

Ineke made a cushion with Nana’s hug for one side and Summer in Bloom for the other.

Ineke’s Ravelry page

Michelle made this fabulous scarf.

Michelle’s Ravelry page.

Video tutorial for Nana’s Motif and continuous joining method in US terms.

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