Welcome to the Mandala Madness CAL 2016.

The CAL ran from 17th March to 14th July, and though it is now finished, the posts and all the downloads will remain here indefinitely, and will remain free.

On this page you will find all the posts about the cal.
Including the introduction listing all the details, and each weekly part.

With huge thanks to Tara Sensenbaugh who has put all 18 parts into one pdf.
Mandala-Madness-Photo Tutorial US terms parts 1 to 18

Mandala-Madness-Written-Tutorial US terms parts 1 to 18

  • A little bit more Madness

    Just a little bit more madness for you all.   Some of you may have seen the stunningly gorgeous Mandala Madness that Ineke Mooijenkind, from Gouda in the Netherlands made....

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  • Mandala Madness Part 18

      I am feeling a real mix of emotions. Sad that this amazing journey has reached the end. Humbled by the amazing response to my crazy design. So proud of...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 17

    Mandala Madness Part 17 Here we are at the penultimate week This week we continue to pay homage to the setting sun. I feel that many of you will have...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 16

    Mandala Madness Part 16 Where would we all be without the sun? The bright shining star that we, on this tiny green and blue planet, tend to take for granted,...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 15

    Mandala Madness Part 15 We are nearly there.... This week you will add a wreath of leaves to your mandala. Because each and every one of you is a winner!...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 14

    Mandala Madness Part 14 Did you ever play hop scotch as a kid? Well this week you are going to be hopping up and down, so make sure you jump...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 13

    Mandala Madness Part 13 All change!! Mandalas can represent many things in life, and change is certainly something we all have to deal with..... embrace the change...let yourself go with...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 12

    Mandala Madness Part 12 This week you will be building on part 11, creating a staggered pattern with long single crochet stitches, more looped double trebles, and the addition of...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 11

    Mandala Madness Part 11 I hope you are really proud of yourself..... after part 8 and part 10, there is nothing you can not do! AND some of you got...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 10

    Mandala Madness Part 10 This week you add beautiful, soft curves to your Mandala, with an intricate dots and diamonds pattern. The diamond shape has been used since time began...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 9

    Mandala Madness Part 9 Can you believe we are half way through this amazing journey of creativity and madness! WOW you guys and gals amaze me! I did wonder if...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 8

    Mandala Madness Part 8 “Mary , Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow…with silver bells and cockle shells…..” This week our flowers continue to bloom, and take on a...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 7

    Mandala Madness Part 7 I just love some of the names you have come up with for your Mandalas. Some for fun, some to honour people you love, some with...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 6

    Mandala Madness Part 6 Can you believe we are a third of the way through this madness!! A few of you spotted that there was no comment or description from...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 5

    Mandala Madness Part 5 I am completely amazed at the gorgeous colours many of you are using, and I am so pleased that so many of you, who are fairly...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 4

    Mandala Madness Part 4 This week we change shape again, this time into an octagon. The octagon symbolises balance between the material, and the spiritual, between heart and mind. It...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 3

    Mandala Madness Part 3 You are my sunshine…you make me happy when skies are grey… A line from a song I remember well from my childhood! It always makes me...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 2

    Mandala Madness Part 2 WOW, thank you all so much for your positive and enthusiastic response to part 1 :) I am blown away by the gorgeous colour combinations, and...

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  • Mandala Madness Part 1

    Mandala Madness Part 1 Can I just say SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I am so excited, and a little daunted, but I am sure you will all forgive any mistakes I make, and...

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  • Introducing Mandala Madness CAL

     Mandala Madness CAL 2016 When Kimberly Slifer of the Official CCC Social Group on face book asked me to design a blanket/afghan for a CAL (crochet a-long) project for next...

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  • Mandala Madness CAL 2016 sneaky peek…….

                  Well if you have been wondering why I have been so quite...... I have been very busy in my crochet cave coming up...

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