Walk Gently on The Earth

Walk Gently on The Earth

Jun 14, 2015

This is a poem I wrote back in 2012.

The thoughts and feelings behind it have been going over in my mind today.

The photo was taken at St Nectans Glen in Cornwall, an absolute favourite place of mine. As you can see I had company that day! I just love orbs.

Walk gently on the Earth, Our Mother is going through rebirth
Cleansing, clearing, healing, she too is feeling
For centuries now man has not known how
To treat our Mother well, this land where all do dwell

Mistakes we all have made, from the cradle to the grave
And now the time has come for all to be as one
To teach, to learn, to listen and to clearly see
To make a better world for her, for you and me

Step lightly as you go, she wants you all to know
She will love, comfort and nourish you until the end of time
Be careful, wise and kind and keep it in your mind
That every day, in every way her support is always there

The time has come for all children of the Earth
To honour and respect the planet of our birth
A commitment we should all make, a promise not to break
That while we can, we will, teach others how to care

Be grateful for the rain filling rivers and lakes and seas
Be thankful for clean-air allowing all too breathe
Give thanks for all the foods we harvest as we go
Use nothing that causes harm or pain in the name of gain

Walk gently on the Earth, step lightly as you go
In truth, in love, in light with all your might
Make sure you spread the word to all who have not heard
Our Mother Earth needs her children to keep her in their heart

ยฉHelen Shrimpton14/07/2012



  1. Margaret Ann

    Beautiful words Helen – if only every person would follow them peace would reign as it should.

  2. Denise

    I came across your poem this morning, I think I’ve missed it in the past but I touched the read me today.
    Reading it today I can honestly say it touched my heart. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  3. Ellen

    The simplistic beauty of your words has touched my heart.

  4. Chris*

    A very beautiful poem, Helen. Thank-you so much for sharing it with all of us. Too many people have lost sight of what you are saying and that is very sad. You
    are a TRUE INSPIRATION to all of
    us here on Crystals & Crochet!!
    I have had 1 experience, as I call it, with what I feel were “Angels”. It was the early morning hours of the day that Robin Williams died. I was sitting by our glass sliding door and it was raining, but it was a “rain” like I’ve never seen before. It was very slow, and very soft, and it felt like a “calculated” rain. You know, like it was intentional and VERY meaningful. I felt in my soul, as it came to mind, that the rain was the “Angels crying”–and they were crying for Robin. It was a very strong feeling. Maybe this isn’t an Angel-experience, but it was the closest thing that has ever happened (to me) that I can relate to Angels. It truly was a beautiful– although sad–experience. It was so strong and such a heartfelt feeling that I will NEVER forget it!!

    May God and His Angels shine down upon you and bring you Joy, Peace and Love,…….Always~

    Much Love~

    Grand Haven, MI USA

    • Helen

      Your Angel experience sounds and feels as if it was beautiful, and very meaningful to your soul. Trust that when you feel your Angles are near, that they are ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sara

    Love what your poem says! I happened upon this when looking for a way to join yarn. Wonderful surprise to start my day-thank you

  6. Anne Thompson

    So much said in this that people forget to remember. Gratitude, appreciation, heard a bird today, saw a flower, what a beautiful day, heard a child laugh, thank you for allowing me too see.

  7. Vanessa

    Greetings from Oregon, USA <3 I have enjoyed reading your blog, immensely! I've needed an uplifting, breath of fresh air, desperately as of the past few years. Too many losses and negative things have made it hard to find peace! So, thank you for sharing your amazing journey, and wise and inspiring words!!! *** May I share your poem with my family and friends on Facebook? I'd really like to share it with my mom, especially. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing, and your time! Warm regards, Vanessa

    • Helen

      Bless you, by all means share a link to the poem, or message me on facebook and I will share it with you there ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Stephanie L. Smedes

    Oh my goodness…. the number and variety of size of orbs in that picture is simply amazing!!!! What a beautiful day that must have felt like!

  9. Andrea

    That poem speaks loudly, I love it. I like what you said – “Walk gently on the Earth, step lightly as you go” thank you for your words.

  10. Lynda

    A very beautiful tribute to Mother Earth, and a wonderful reminder to everyone to respect and love her and help her prosper. May I post this on my Facebook page? Hugs, Lynda

    • Helen

      Thank you Lynda, yes share away ๐Ÿ™‚

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