Single Crochet and Chain Join

This is one of my favourite joining techniques.

You can modify the number of chain stitches between sc to give a closer or more lacy effect.




In my Heart of Friendship pattern we used a sc, ch-1 join.      


In Bloomin Blanket we use a sc, ch-3 join.



Here’s how to do it…..

Lay your squares out in rows and join them in strips.

Sc, ch-1 join

Working with wrong sides together, you will work into the front of square [1] and the back of square [2] so remember that from the back the loop of the stitch is in front of the stitch post, where as when working on the front  the loop is behind the stitch post.

Starting in the corner space of a square [1], make an sc, ch 1, and sc in the corner of the next square [2].
Ch 1.

Skip 1 st on square [1] and sc in next st.
Ch 1.

Skip 1 st on square [2] and sc in next st.

Continue to end, making sure you make an sc in the corner of both squares, even if you made an sc in the stitch before the corner.




Ch 1.
Sc into diagonal corner of next square [3].



Ch 1.
Sc in corner of square [4] and continue as before, until you have all the squares of your row joined, and any other rows you my have.



Carefully turn your work and repeat working along both rows.

This is the bit that used to frustrate me, often being left with a gap or hole.

None of the instructions I had ever seen covered how to work over the join of 4 squares.

But it is actually really simple…

You just treat the join as stitches!

When you finish each square and come to a “corner” of 4 squares, make sure you have made an sc in both corners of the row.

Ch 1.

Sc in ch 1 between squares.

Ch 1.

Sc in 2nd ch-1, working over the top of the diagonal ch-1.



Ch 1.
Sc in corner of next square.
Ch 1 sc in corner of opposite square, and continue as normal.



Once you have the” hang of it” you will find it so quick and easy.

Remember if you want more spacing use 2 ch or 3 ch between sc’s.

Below you can see the same join made with a chain 2 and with a chain 3.



Video Tutorial



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