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Bloomin Blanket

Bloomin’ Blanket

A beautiful, lightweight, summer blanket.
Inspired by the amazing wildflowers in the countryside where I live in beautiful Buckinghamshire, England.

Available to purchase in US or UK terms.




My memories as a child are of sitting on the grass making daisy chains, or of holding a
buttercup under someone else’s chin and asking “do you like butter”, and looking to see if there was a yellow reflection under their chin.

The dog rose to me is also symbolic of historic England, the shape is that of a Tudor Rose.

And finally the geranium reminds me of my Nana who taught me to crochet.

The Geranium holds the meaning of coming together, having a sense of togetherness, of mind body and spirit.

Symbolising co-operation and camaraderie, expansion of ideas, aligning to greater purpose and focusing on the greater good for the whole.



The Daisy holds the meaning of bubbling over with happiness, having a positive outlook and celebrating and appreciating the simple things. The Daisy has long been used to know the feelings of another, as one asks he loves me he loves me not until all the petals are gone.


The Dog Rose is a symbol of being welcome and hospitable.

It is also a symbol of being prolific, blooming over and over again, it brings a special meaning and reminder of
finding new ways to express yourself.


The Buttercup symbolises an everlasting embrace of love and commitment and to hold something close to your heart, perhaps a meaningful secret, or a romantic rendezvous.

The Central square is the Summer Bloom Mandala.


And finally the Bloomin Plain Square, which has a petal like centre.

I wish you many hours of love, happiness and fond memories in the making and using of your “Bloomin Blanket”.

Using Stylecraft Special Double Knit and 4mm hook, you will need approx 1100 metres, 11 balls.

I used 6 balls of white, 1 ball of each Lemon, Violet, Pale Rose, Raspberry, Storm Blue and Sage.

These are all soft muted, summer colours.

Here are the colours I used for each square.

Summer Bloom Mandala: Lemon-Sage-White-Storm Blue-Pale Rose-Raspberry-Violet.

Dreamy Daisy: Lemon-White-Sage-Storm Blue-Violet.

Diggity Dog Rose: Lemon-White-Pale Rose-Sage-Storm Blue-White-Raspberry.

Groovy Geranium: White-Violet-Sage-Storm Blue-Lemon.

I Love Butter-Cup: Lemon-Sage-Storm Blue-White-Pale Rose-Raspberry.

Bloomin Plain Square: White.

You may choose to go any way you like with colour as you will see my testers Trena and Kay went in a totally different direction.

Terena used Stylecraft Special with Black as her main colour and then Fiesta, Bright Pink, Bright Green, Green, Saffron, Sunshine, Turquoise and light Turquoise.

Here are the colours she used for each square.
Summer Bloom Mandala: Saffron-Green-Fiesta-Bright Pink-Turquoise-Light Turquoise-Jaffa-Black.
Dreamy Daisy: Fiesta-Bright Pink-Bright Green-Green-Black-Saffron-Sunshine.
Diggity Dog Rose: Sunshine-Saffron-Bright Pink-Bright Green-Green-Black.
Groovy Geranium: Turquoise-Light Turquoise-Bright Green-Green-Black.
I Love Butter-Cup: Jaffa-Saffron-Sunshine-Bright Green-Green-Black-Turquoise-Light Turquoise.
Bloomin Plain Square: Black.

This is Terena’s Tropical Delight Bloomin Blanket

Kay used Stylecraft Special DK
Summer Bloom Mandala: Citron, Spring green, Cream, Copper, Cream, Spring green, Cream, Copper, Gold, Spice, Cream, Citron, rest in Cream

Dreamy Daisy: Citron, Cream, Lime, Spring green, Spice, Copper.
Diggity Dog Rose: Citron, Cream, Gold, Lime, Spring green, Spice, Copper.
Groovy Geranium: Cream, Spice, Lime, Spring green, Copper, Gold.
I Love Butter-Cup: Citron, Spring Green, Lime, Cream, Gold, Copper.
Bloomin Plain Square: Cream

And here is Kay’s Soft Spring Bloomin Blanket.


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