The Journey begins…..

The Journey begins…..

Feb 6, 2017

On Wednesday 1st February I landed in Wellington, New Zealand.

After a very long flight, with stops in Dubai, Singapore, and Melbourne, it is not surprising that I was absolutely shattered, but so pleased to finally be here.

Huge hugs with my sister, who I have not seen, except on skype, for 10 years!

Unfortunately, my case decided to take a little longer to catch up with me, but was delivered by courier to the house on Thursday, so only one night of borrowed pj’s. 🙂

Now it is time to allow my body to adjust to new time zones, and catch up on missed sleep. We planned to have a couple of chill out days, but with a cracking headache, my sister Jane, suggested a walk down to the local village to get some fresh air well, we both got soaked to the skin, but at least it was warm rain.

Waikanae is where my sister and her husband live, it is a beautiful area, with stunningly beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers in and around all the properties.

That is something that I also love… no two homes are the same, most are single storey, and timber framed, which is the most practical style for them to build over here with the risk of Earth Quakes.

I managed one row on the shawl I am crocheting, didn’t make a single stitch on the flight over!

Being so tired, my head is just not in the game.

Oh, how I was looking forward to not having Wood Pidgeon’s with hob-nailed boots on clattering across my roof first thing in the morning. They seem even heavier here!

But they are so pretty, unlike the plain grey ones at home in England.

While I am staying with Jane and Terry, I have my own little space, they call it a “sleep out”. It is a little self-contained apartment, so I am in great comfort as I allow my body to adjust, to being on my head, the other side of the world.

Day 2 and off we go to Paraparaumu, a little bit of shopping, a luscious hot chocolate, and a seafood lunch, and I am starting to feel human again.

HA! Spoke too soon! Now I have a corker of a cold 🙁 all bunged up and deaf. But I raided Jane’s lemon tree, so it is hot, fresh lemon, and honey for this girl for a couple of days.

Saturday and we took a drive into Wellington, and the sun came out for us, a glorious day, and perfect for going up to a couple of the high points of the city to enjoy the amazing views.

Just a little wind-swept!

The colour of the ocean is a gorgeous deep teal in many of the bays around the area of Wellington, this is starting to give me ideas for colour schemes to put together for future projects.

Wellington is a small city by many standards, but it is so clean, and lively, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around in the sunshine, and sitting in a café watching the world go by.

Sunday my tiredness and cold caught up with me again, so I slept most of the day, and we spent the evening sitting on the deck, chatting, chilling and eating take away pizza 🙂 yummy.

Monday 6th February is Waitangi Day, it is a public holiday which celebrates, or remembers, the signing of the treaty in 1840 between the Maori chiefs and the British Government.

We went for a lovely walk on the local beach, and around some lagoons, with black swans, ducks, and geese. The agapanthus grow wild over here and the fabulous splashes of blue and white can be seen everywhere.

I found this gorgeous piece of drift wood, which looks like a whale, rather apt as to the Maori people whales are the descendants of Tangaroa, the god of the oceans. They were thought of in awe, as supernatural beings, and often deemed tapu, or sacred.

Some individual Maori were said to have a whale guardian spirit when at sea. Stylised whale shapes, symbolising the bounty within, were often carved on the bargeboards of storage houses.

So it seemed perfect to me, as I was thinking about making a “dream catcher” type wall hanging. So I just need to find some New Zealand yarn and I will have something to make during the next two weeks, while I am travelling around the South Island.

I will write again as my adventure continues.



  1. Lisa

    Welcome to my part of the world Helen! So excited to see you are here, I live just a couple of kms away from your photo of the agapanthas 🙂 So excited that the designer of my current two projects is so close (well, if you are still here of course!) – enjoy!

  2. Maria

    Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing your adventure. It is a blessing to see places through the eyes of someone else. Enjoy your time with your sister and brother-in-law. Safe journey wherever life leads you. Take care.

  3. Karen Culshaw

    So pleased you got your suitcase. Enjoy your time there, it sounds beautiful and a real source of inspiration for your creativity xx

  4. DONNA

    So happy you are having such a special time with your sister!! Love reading about your travels!!

  5. Sharon Braxton

    Glad you arrived to the upside down world. Enjoy your stay and let us know all the good things. Hugs, Sharon

  6. Simone

    Hi Helen, lovely to read about your trip! Have fun with your sister!
    Live Simone

    • Simone

      Hi Helen, lovely to read

      about your trip! Have fun
      with your sister!

      Love Simone

  7. Charmaine Schafer

    Great to see your pictures and read of your adventures. Glad you have had some lovely days in Wellington and that you are feeling a bit better. When I was there in November 2015 Wellington lived up to its name of “Windy and wet Wellington”. Enjoy your visit with your sister, special times 🙂

  8. Lynda

    Sounds wonderful. I love the seaside and watching the ocean and waves. That IS very relaxing and provides time for reflection. Glad you are having a good experience. Sorry that you have a cold and hope that it leaves quickly with you being able to fully enjoy your time there!

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