Spare time!


I can not start to tell you how excited I am.

With only 3 days left until I start my Amazing Adventure, I have finished all my large projects, my case is packed, and re-packed…. to include some yarn 🙂

So what do I do with the spare time I have left until I fly out on Monday 30th January?

Well….. I have already made myself a fabulous, flimsy top, which is going to be perfect for wearing over a basic T-shirt, to add a bit of glamour.
This was so quick to work up.
A few days ago, on one of the Facebook groups, I saw a lady say she had brought some King Cole “Opium” yarn. The colour I used is called Carib Blue. I have had some sitting around for ages, I was going to knit a top with it, but then I found a crochet pattern, which is so simple, I had to whip it up…. it took me about 4 hours!

I brought myself a new little tablet to take away with me, so far I have downloaded my favourite series of books by Jean M Auel, the Earths Children series, which I plan to re-read for the umpteenth time while I am away.

But I thought, I want to protect the screen, but don’t want the “normal” type of cover. So… you guessed it… I made one 🙂

I used Stylecraft Sundae yarn, which is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, with my pretty pink 3.75mm Clover Amour hook. The colour I chose is called Blueberry Sorbet.
This really is a fabulous yarn to work with, all the benefits of cotton, but with the softness and ease to work with of an acrylic.

Then I also made myself a little glasses case 🙂

♥ These are so simple to make, here’s how.

Chain as many as you need for the bottom width of your item, plus 3.

Row 1. 3 sc in 2nd back bump from hook [1st ch does not count].

Sc in each back bump, with 3 sc in last back bump.

You now have 2 loops with 3 sc in each, at each end of your chain.

Sc in loops of each ch which already has 1 sc in it.

Join to 1st sc with a sl-st.

Row 2. Ch 1, and sc in same st, sc in each st, all the way around.

Join to 1st sc, with a sl-st.

Continue to repeat row 2 until you have your desired size.

Fasten off, and work away ends.

Button Loop.

Join with a sl-st, make as many chains as you need for your loop to fit over your button, skip sts to width of button, sl-st in next st, ch 1 and sc into ch loop, make as many sc as you need to, to achieve a firm loop. Fasten off and secure ends.

If you use a plain yarn, like Stylecraft Cotton Classique, you may want to decorate your cover with some applique flowers, or you could cross stitch or surface crochet what ever you like to personalise your cover.

Here is a photo, courtesy for Stylecraft yarns of the gorgeous Sundae yarns.

♥ The fun is not over yet!

Mum decided she wanted to knit herself some gloves, and then asked me to make a neck warmer to go with them.

We used King Cole Sprite in Rhodes colourway.

For the neck warmer, I just made it up as I went, so there is no pattern, but it took me 2 hours to make, fits Mum perfectly, and adds a little splash of colour to her dark navy winter coat.

Now I just have a couple of quick video tutorials to make, to add to my special stitches series on YouTube.

Finish editing a new design, which my lovely testers are working on.

Finish writting the blog posts ready for publishing the new designs….

And I guess I will also start on another new design I will be working on as I travel.

If you need help with any of my designs while I am travelling, you can email me, but it may be a while before I answer! or you can join my Facebook group Helen’s Hookaholics, where either my testers or I will help you when we can.

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