South Island part 2

South Island part 2

Feb 23, 2017

South Island week 2
16th and 17th February

Invercargill is a very large, spread out town, nothing much here to interest me, except a lovely yarn shop. 🙂

I have seen so much pure wool, especially merino wool, but it really doesn’t excite me at all, I find it quite rough, and I often have problems with my skin when I work with wool. So, I thought I would try the Panda Magnum, which seems to be the most common acrylic yarn here. Sorry to say it is nothing like the quality of Stylecraft Special, but as I have been forming an idea for a new blanket I felt it would do for some test squares, and I will continue to play with it for a few days.

I had two wonderfully warm sunny days, where I just relaxed, and enjoyed my birthday, including the little chocolate cupcake I brought myself, I even got some colour on these lilly white legs of mine!

18th and 19th February

Today I left Invercargill and headed towards Dunedin, different scenery this time, all rolling green hills and so many sheep!

I stopped off for lunch at this beautiful spot, Lake Waihola. It was just heavenly to sit in the sunshine, staring out over the water and watching the ducks.

The sun shone brightly until I reached Dunedin, there was a huge pipe band playing in the city centre, and the whole place has a very Scottish feel to it. This is the weekend before the university goes back, so it is very busy here.

The clouds have come over and the wind is fierce!

I have a gorgeous little apartment here, so again I am going to play with my crochet design ideas, and there is a BATH wooo hoooo I get to have a long soak with bubbles and my favourite chill out music “Enya” playing through my lap top….heaven!

20th 21st February

Back in the car today, and on towards Twizel.

The day has started with very low cloud, covering the mountain tops, and making it dull, with a light misty rain.

I stopped on the way at the Moeraki Boulders.

My first thought was Septarian, and the boulders are indeed a concretion with Calcites formed over hundreds of thousands of years from sediments from the Ocean bed, there is one still attached to the cliff face, and many are almost eroded to nothing.

There is an amazing feeling of peace here, even if there are loads of tourists, these big stones positively sing to me. 🙂

Again, it was a shame the sun was not shinning, but it was still an amazing experience.

Then the drive headed inland, and out came the sun… typical!!

The valley area that leads up towards Twizel is incredibly dry, but the lakes are as stunning as all the others, even if they are more man-made. This area is all about dams, and the electricity production for New Zealand. And finally I got the photos I have been waiting for, the perfect reflections of the landscape mirrored in the waters of the lake.

I have loved living in Bucks, and have many wonderful memories from my childhood, and from my working life. But now, after years of thinking about everyone else, it is time for me to follow my dreams and move to the one place in the world where I truly feel “at home”.

Every time I go to Cornwall, I have the most amazing feeling of peace and as if my soul has come home, with no more ties to Bucks it was the logical choice for my new home.

This is where Mr J and I will be walking most days, a short drive from our new home, with a very handy pub at the top of the lane.

22nd and 23rd February

The final leg of my trip to the South Island.

As the road took me back towards the coast, along came the cloud cover and the rain. So, no stopping at the beach. I guess I can wait until I get to Australia to enjoy some beach time.

I found a fabulous little café on the way, and stopped for hot chocolate and cake, and to read a bit more of the current book.

On the subject of hot chocolate……

The vast majority of hot chocolates I have had here in New Zealand have been, luke warm, more froth than chocolate, and quite wishy washy in the taste department, out of a score of 5, I would say most only rate a 2. 🙁

With 2 exceptions so far…… in Paraparaumu I had a score 5 hot chocolate with whipped cream and real dark chocolate flakes on top, and this one at the café on the road, was a score 4, just the right amount of froth and a rich chocolate taste, and hot!

My last night was spent in Christchurch, and now I am just killing time at the airport, with another disappointing hot chocolate…… in case you wondered, I am not a coffee drinker, I am actually allergic to it, and I am not a fan of tea, although I do drink herbal teas.

So here ends my trip around the South Island.

I have had a fabulous time, and I am now looking forward to spending a few days with my sister again before I head off around the North Island.

I also have some work to do when back at Jane’s as, although not planned, the pippin crochet club group on facebook will be hosting a cal with one of my older blanket designs, Heart of Friendship.

More info to come on that soon.



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