South Island…..part 1

South Island…..part 1

Feb 16, 2017

Exploring the South Island part 1

Lovely easy flight over, not so easy finding the place to pick up the hire car!

9th February 2017

Off I go…freedom is a white Nissan and Highway 73 via Alfred’s Pass.

Wow, oh wow, I mean OH MY GOD WOW!!!

Now a lot of people have told me the scenery in New Zealand is stunning, especially the South Island, but nothing quite prepares you for the breathtakingly beautiful drive I have just completed. The roads are very good, well surfaced (except in 2 parts where they are fixing them), a little twisty and turny in some places, but a nice steady pace, and I did the drive to Greymouth in about three and a half hours.

I am struggling to find the words to describe the views as I drove through this alpine wonderland, the rock formations are amazing, and so many different, shapes, layers and colours. Much of the mountains are covered with pine trees, but there are also large swathes of grassland. There are cattle and sheep grazing at various intervals, as there are a couple of stations (farms) in the area.

There are many rivers and streams that meander through the valleys, and two stunning lakes.

The unfortunate thing is not enough places to stop and admire the vista and take photographs, or not enough warning of the upcoming stop points and I had passed them before I knew where I was.

Skip Creek

Lake Hawea

There are meadows full of lupines and foxgloves, in fabulous shades of pinks, blues and whites, they looked gorgeous, nodding gently in the slight breeze, and the glorious sunshine as I drove along.

I have loved living in Bucks, and have many wonderful memories from my childhood, and from my working life. But now, after years of thinking about everyone else, it is time for me to follow my dreams and move to the one place in the world where I truly feel “at home”.

Every time I go to Cornwall, I have the most amazing feeling of peace and as if my soul has come home, with no more ties to Bucks it was the logical choice for my new home.

This is where Mr J and I will be walking most days, a short drive from our new home, with a very handy pub at the top of the lane.

Also having lived with Mum for the past eight or nine years I am looking forward to being able to finally unpack all of my things…especially all my crystals, and to be able to design my home and garden to be a haven of peace and tranquillity where I can let my creativity flow.

These are just some of my pieces of Amethyst.

I will update you all once I have moved and settled in and will share my journey in creating my perfect home.

Because of the move I will be offline from the evening of Thursday 8th November until the weekend of 17th November, when I hope to have my internet up and running again.

Later today I will pack away my current crochet project, to keep it all safe until I am set up in my new home, but I discovered this odd cake of yarn, so I am keeping this out to see what sort of shawl design may come to light.


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  1. Carol

    Breathtaking scenery regardless of the rain. I felt I was traveling with you as I read your comments. Today has been my first day with you – just signed up for your newsletter – and yet I feel we are sisters of the light. In the sound and colours of love, light and peace, Carol

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