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Spinning Around

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Haha yes my head was spinning around with this idea for quite a while. I had the image of a circle of circles, but how I was going to put it together… nope… no idea!

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Those of you who have seen Heart of Friendship will know that I designed a square with just 4 circles in the middle “Links of Friendship”.

Now I can be like a dog with a bone, once I get an idea, I have to make it happen.

I can tell you there was a lot of head scratching and just a touch of blue air around last weekend!

But I have a mantra… “There is nothing you can not do” and I truly believe that we are capable of far more than we ever give ourselves credit for.

So here is square number 4 in my new collection. Spinning Around.

I love ombre effects with colour, as you can see I used six colours, each one twice, for the  rings, with a simple graded colours for the last three rounds.

There are two options for the centre, you can use the raised centre (popcorns) as I have, or you can opt for a flatter (clusters) centre.

I would like to thank all of you who gave suggestions for the name, it was so obvious really, but I needed your input to bring it to life. 

As always I have an amazing team of testers and these are some of their Spinning Around squares.



Melissa has used a combination of a variagated yarn and solid coloured yarn.


Terena used Unforgettable in colour Parrot, which is a variegated yarn and I think it has worked perfectly with this pattern.

I think this is just stunning!



Danielle asked if she could play a little with the outer rounds.

I love to encourage people to use their creativity, and so of course said YES play away 🙂

This is what she came up with and I think it is just perfect.

So if you would like to change the last few rounds slightly, this is what Danielle did.

Danielle said she wanted it to look like a picture frame as the pattern is so pretty it deserved to be framed.

Complete square up to round 3, where the instructions say to stop if you want a smaller square.
4. bpdc in each stitch across, in corner tr (dc, ch 1, dc).
5. sc in each stitch across, in ch-1 corner space (sc, ch 1, sc).
6. blhdc in each stitch across, in ch-1 corner space (hdc, ch 1, hdc).
7. blsc in each st across, in corners (sc, ch 1, sc)

So you will see there is an extra round as the pattern stops at round 6, but my stitches are taller, the final stitch count is exactly the same 40 stitches across.

I always recommend blocking your squares, once finished. Firstly it makes them easier to join together, and it also gives your work a much more polished finish.
You can learn more about blocking here.

 Please remember all of my patterns are covered by copyright law and may not be copied or shared in any way. You may share a link to my website or Ravelry store with anyone, you may print the PDF for your own use, but please do not alter, change or share in any way.

 Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. 

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