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Simple Squares

So many crochet projects are based on squares.

Some are simple and some use more advanced techniques.

Sometimes you may have a fancy square, and to make it really stand out simple, plain squares around it can make your project stunning.

You can make squares with any stitches, and from just one round to hundreds of rounds. You can join different sized squares together for a mosaic blanket.


Solid Square

The solid square has no chain spaces at the corners, instead it has a taller stitch.

The corners are made into this taller stitch in the following round, and each corner group will be either 3 or 5 stitches.

This example is using dc [double crochet], for a sc square use a hdc as corner stitch or for a tr square use a dtr as the corner stitch.


Open Square

The open square has a chain 3 space for each corner.

The corners are made into this chain space in the following round, and each corner group will be either 1 or 2 stitches either side of a chain 3 space.

In filled Corners Square

This square uses a combination of the solid and open squares.
The odd numbered rounds will have a chain space/open corner, the even numbered rounds will have a taller stitch in the middle that will also cover the chain space in the previous round.
Again this gives a solid square, with no gaps, but it has more interest and texture to it.

You can work infront of previous rounds [photo 1] to give a raised effect, or behind previous rounds [photo 2] to give an inset effect.

You can change the side stitches to front post or back post to give added texture, or you can work in the back loops to create a ridge [photo 2 above], this can be very effective when using different colours.

Make bags, blankets, pillows, tops, ponchos, what ever you like, the uses of squares is unlimited 🙂
These three squares all have the same number of stitches per round, which makes joining them together very easy.

And a bonus square…..

Diamond Lace

A question you may ask is why not do all the corners with the same number of stitches?…..

Try it, and see how your square looks.

Personally I have found that using only 1 stitch either side of a taller stitch or chain space will make your square curl up at the corners.
Using 2 stitches either side of a taller stitch or chain space in every round will over crowd your square and make the side “dip” in, giving a curved rather than square look.

But remember there are no rules… only what works for you 🙂

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