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My Nameless ………

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Beginning with a Mandala/circle, with a lovely new stitch I designed called Puff Daisies.
The design then flows out like ripples in time, with petals, pyramids and points.


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My Nameless…

Normally when I am designing a new pattern, a name comes to me quite strongly, along with the reason for the name, there will always be a significant reason or meaning with the name.

This time, although there were feelings and ideas, nothing stood out, and the testers and I were calling it “Nameless”.
I then thought what a great idea to get all the members of Helen’s Hookaholics (Facebook group) to come up with the name.

WELL!!! What an amazingly creative bunch they are, some of the names were very personal, some were very insightful, spiritual, historical, natural, etc.

I finally felt that everyone needs to be a part of naming their own creation, and so the final name given is “My Nameless ……….” you fill in the blank!

And so, the nameless becomes named by you, personalised to you or whoever you are making this gorgeous blanket for.

Essentially, we have a Mandala/circle, with a lovely new stitch I designed called Puff Daisies.
The design then flows out like ripples in time, with petals, pyramids and points.

Each of you will see what is right for you to see, each of you will find your thoughts connecting with that which you need to mull over, each of you will feel the emotions which are most healing to you at this time.

To help with the slightly tricky part of working around the Puff Daisies, I have made a little video tutorial to help you Puff Daisies video tutorial

And there is also a video tutorial for how I make tassels Making tassels video tutorial

You may, of course, follow any of the colour ways my testers and I have used, or be creative and allow your heart to guide you to the perfect colours for your own “My Nameless…….”

You will need a maximum of  5000 meters / 5500 yards of Double Knitting yarn and a 4mm hook, or Worsted/Aran weight and a 5 to 5.5mm hook, this allows for colour changes, using just one colour you will need less.

Finished size – 168 cm/ 66 inches square



Yarn Packs

Violet Dreams

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

3 x C1  Emperor
3 x C2  Violet
3 x C3  Wisteria
8 x C4  White
2 x C5  Mocha

The colour placement in this blanket uses the five [5] colour placement given in the pattern.

Recommended hook 4mm – G
Finished size  168cm/66inches square

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Mayan Mandala

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

2 x C1   Lincoln
1 x C2   Saffron
2 x C3   Turquoise
2 x C4   Fuchsia Purple
2 x C5   Lavender
2 x C6   Shrimp
2 x C7   Lapis
2 x C8   Cream
5 x C9   Graphite

The colour placement in this blanket uses the nine [9] colour placement given in the pattern.

Recommended hook 4mm – G
Finished size 168cm/66inches square

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Below you will find all the information my fabulous testing team used.

Terena’s My Nameless Arthur’s Delight,
because she knows her Dad would have loved it

Terena used Stylecraft Special Double Knitting and a 4mm hook.
C1  Teal         x 3 balls
C2  Aspen      x 3 balls
C3  Duck Egg x 4 balls
C4  Grey         x 8 balls
C5  White        x 2 balls

Ineke’s My Nameless Royal Dutch, the colours are inspired by a hand painted plate that Ineke has.

Ineke used Stylecraft Special Dk and a 4mm hook.
Mustard        x 2 balls
White            x 4 balls
Plum             x 3 balls
Cloud Blue   x 3 balls
Burgundy     x 2 balls
Khaki            x 2 balls
Copper         x 1 balls
Midnight       x 3 balls
Denim          x 1 balls

Here is a separate chart of Ineke’s colour placement for you to download and follow.
My Nameless Royal Dutch colours per round

Lesley’s My Nameless Radiant Rose

Lesley used Stylecraft Special Double Knitting and a 4mm hook.
C1        Pomegranate  x 4 balls
C2        Fondant          x 3 balls
C3        Candyfloss      x 3 balls
C4        Mushroom       x 8 balls
C5        Sherbet           x 2 balls

Sherrie Linthicum Ziegler’s My Nameless Sweet Tangerine Dreams

Sherrie used a worsted weight yarn with a 5.5mm hook.
And a total of 4721 m/5163yds.
Finished size is 70 inches square.

You can find all the information in Sherrie’s Ravelry project notes.

Becky Callahan’s My Nameless Tangerines at Sea

Becky used Red Heart Soft, a worsted weight yarn, and a H 5.0 mm hook.
C1 Teal             870 m / 952 yd
C2 Sea Foam   736 m / 805 yd
C3 Tangerine    877 m / 959 yd
C4 Off White     1,950m /2,134 yd
C5 Rose Blush  367 m / 402 yd

Melissa Leightons My Nameless Moment.
Melissa is doing the One Little Work 2018 and it’s her word for the year.
She went back to school and is finding this is her moment to do what she didn’t think she could do.

Melissa used Loops and Threads Sugar Spun with a 4.5mm hook.
Unfortunately this yarn is now discontinued but these are the colours she used.
C1 Peachy x 3 balls
C2 Gumdrop x 3 balls
C3 Teddy. x 4 balls
C4 Toasty x 8 balls
C5 Sprout x 2 balls

 Please remember all of my patterns are covered by copyright law and may not be copied or shared in any way. You may share a link to my website or Ravelry store with anyone, you may print the PDF for your own use, but please do not alter, change or share in any way.

 Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. 

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    Gorgeous, easy to follow pattern! Helen really out-did herself with this one!

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