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Introducing Whispers from the Past CAL 2016


Introducing Whispers from the Past CAL [crochet a long] 2016


A design using traditional stitch patterns, but with a modern twist.

Well it couldn’t really not have a twist with me designing it!!

I am thrilled and honoured to share this design with you all, as a CAL (crochet-a-long) hosted by the CAL-Crochet A Long group on Facebook. If you have not joined this group, I suggest you do. It is a fun and very friendly group full of lovely people, just like you and me, who love to play with hooks and yarn.

This is my second cal of this year. I know I may just be the most crazy person you ever met, but there are two reasons for this.

Firstly I enjoyed my first cal Mandala Madness, so much, and have received so much love, and positive feedback, through thousands of comments and emails, and an amazing amount of pleasure to see so many people having so much fun.

Secondly I am about to embark on an amazing adventure, and I am not sure if I will be able to create any large projects for a while.

My Nana taught me to crochet, many years ago, when I was a young child. I have the most wonderful memories of the blankets she used to make with a very simple, four petal flower.

I wanted to base this design on some of my fondest crochet and crafting memories, using a combination of traditional stitch patterns, but putting my own twist on them.
Also wanting to make it an easy project for anyone of any skill/experience level.

Each week I will share some of my memories with you, and tell the story behind the stitches you will be working.

The cal is in 9 parts, and the pattern will remain free on my website indefinitely.

Each week you will either be making, squares, panels, or working around the entire project.

There are also four different joining techniques used in the project, all with full photo tutorial instructions. As usual, with any of my designs, I like to encourage you to try something new, to learn and grow.

The finished blanket is rectangular, but there are lots of options for you to change the shape or size to suit your own creative or “snuggle worthy” needs.



♥ Useful Stuff

♥ Tutorials ~ The patterns of each part will be published here, on my blog, every Thursday evening at 7pm approx. UK time (UTC), this is to allow everyone around the world some weekend crochet time.

♥ Printing/PDF ~ You will find a choice of downloads for each weekly part.

♥ Translations ~ I am thrilled to announce that my CAL will be translated into many different languages, by an amazing team of ladies from the CAL – Crochet A Long group on Facebook.

Whispers from the Past will be available in

US terms – photo tutorial – written pattern – and some video tutorials
UK terms – photo tutorial – written pattern

And also in the following languages

Afrikaans, Danish – Dansk, Dutch – Nederlands, Finnish – Suomi, French – Français,
German – Deutsche, Greek – Ελληνικα, Hebrew – עברית, Korean – 한국어., Norwegian – Norsk,
Persian – فارسی, Spanish – Español, Swedish -Svenska

The pattern was translated by an amazing group of ladies from the CAL – Crochet A Long group on Facebook and will be translated in many different languages.
I am looking forward to this international project and the amazing energy the crochet community has to share.

♥ Stitch Abbreviations and Special Stitches

An abbreviation chart is included on the front page of each part of the CAL.
Also there will be detailed instructions, about how to make special stitches used in the pattern for each part.

♥ Difficulty

I encourage anyone of any level of experience to try this project, it is easily achievable for beginners.

♥ What will you need?

Hold on and we will get there… first some information about what I used and what is available for you to follow along with.

♥ Yarn Options

This cal has been sponsored by Stylecraft Yarns, and I would like to thank them very much for supplying the yarn for me to play with. 🙂

There are 4 yarn packs available to buy using Stylecraft Special Double knit or Aran, these are premium acrylic and are my favourite yarns to work with.
The main stores to order from are Deramores, Love Knitting, and Wool Warehouse, who deliver all around the world.

Some of the online stores may be out of stock now but you will always find the packs available in my shop with Deramores.

The links to purchase yarn packs can be found below, I do recieve a very small comission for these packs if you use the links below, so I would ask that you use these links and if you are sharing with friends that you share a link to this page. Namaste

 ♥ Pretty Pastels

Soft pastel colours, reminiscent of the 50’s (before my time! just…)

The thoughts and feelings behind these colours are of the soft vintage look, of Soda Fountains, and the early days of “Rock and Roll”, think big hair and big skirts as you jive away with this colour pack.

Pack includes: Stylecraft Special Double Knitting.
Duck Egg x 3, Cream x 3, Wisteria x 3, Soft Peach x 2, Lemon x 2.

Love Crafts
Wool Warehouse
Thank you for using these links and supporting me as a designer.

♥ Paint Box

Bright hippy child colours, the paint box of the inner child, the colours of the 60’s.

When everyone learned to express themselves freely, to step outside of the box and enjoy life with the innocence of a child. Something we all need to do as often as we can!

Pack includes: Stylecraft Special Double Knitting.
Bluebell x 3, Aspen x 2, Pomegranate x 2, Violet x 2, Shrimp x 2, Saffron x 2.

Wool Warehouse
Thank you for using these links and supporting me as a designer.

 ♥ Brown Sugar

Think 70’s, the Rolling Stones, when everything was “groovy”.

I have great memories of learning to crochet bags for myself and these were the “in” colours.
Even my bedroom was decorated in these colours!

Pack includes: Stylecraft Special Aran.
Parchment x 6, Dark Brown x 5, Copper x 4, Camel x 4, Gold x 3.

Love Crafts
Wool Warehouse
Thank you for using these links and supporting me as a designer.

♥ Purely Patriotic

To me Red, White and Blue is something that touches most of us at some point in our lives.

I remember in the 80’s wearing these colours a lot!
Including “ra-ra” skirts and track suits, and of course “Nike” trainers, but not all at the same time!!

Pack includes: Stylecraft Special Aran.
Cream x 14, Pomegranate x 4, Denim x 4.

Love Crafts
Wool Warehouse
Thank you for using these links and supporting me as a designer.

The finished full size blanket is approx.:

Double Knitting with a 4mm hook:  51 ½ inches x 63 inches / 131 cm x 160 cm

Aran /Worsted with a 5.5mm hook:  68 inches x 81 inches / 172 cm x 204 cm.


For those of you going in your own colour direction, you will need approximately.

Double Knitting weight 3835 m/4186yds, 4mm hook.

Worsted/Aran weight 4312 m/ 4708yds, 5.5mm hook.

Please remember because of personal working tension these amounts are only approximate.

Please allow for colour changes and get more rather than less…. it’s always better to have a little left over than run out and not be able to get the same dye lot or even for the colour to have been discontinued…yes that makes ya so mad…right

I look forward to sharing a little more happy, hookin’ time with you all.

 Please remember all of my patterns are covered by copyright law and may not be copied or shared in any way. You may share a link to my website or Ravelry store with anyone, you may print the PDF for your own use, but please do not alter, change or share in any way.

 Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. 

 The best way to be in the know with all I am up to, is to follow crystalsandcrochet on Facebook.

 If you need help and advice, the quickest way to find support is to join Helen’s Hookaholics Facebook group. There you will find a very supportive group of likeminded people. It’s also a great place to share your crystalsandcrochet makes, and see what others are making, and see what I am up to.

 If you are not a fan of Facebook you can always email me with any questions you may have by using the contact form here.

 Please feel free to sign up to my YouTube channel for lots of helpful video tutorials.

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  1. Betty Yancy

    All of the colors are so very vibrant and so happy.The others are so calming and soothing !! I cannot decide what l want!

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