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Heart of Friendship

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A beautiful blanket to symbolise the meaning of friendship.

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“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow.
If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder.
If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow.
If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile.
But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.”

Author unknown

Originally designed and published in 2015 Heart of Friendship was my first ever published blanket pattern.

As my writing style has evolved, I am now rewriting my earlier patterns so that the format is the same for all my patterns.

I wanted to design a large central square and then also smaller ones to surround it, using elements of the central square for the smaller ones and for the border.

Everything I create has meaning, it is not just a bunch of stitches, there is a purpose and a significance or symbolic meaning behind my designs.

Love and Creation

The centre starts with a cute little cushion and moves into “hearts” which to me represent the unconditional love of true friends or the friendships that are formed with new friends through the love of shared interest.

Within the hearts is a six-pointed star, the meaning of the six-pointed star is “creation” and faith. When we create with love and shared joy with our friends, we can spread an amazing amount of joy and positivity.

Next, come the dual coloured fans, when we blend and merge our differences everything fits together perfectly.

And the twelve pointed star, whose points touch the outer circle, represent completion, and the joining together of all our different aspects.

The twelve pointed star also represents manifestation.

Next, there are many rounds and stitches which interlink and cross over each other, which represents the magical weaving of thoughts, ideas and different personalities that make many friendships so special to us all.

Links of Friendship

The links we form with true friends are unbreakable.

Cushion of Safety

Friends are our cushion to help us feel safe.

Heart of Life

Friends are the heart of our lives.

Yarn Packs

Pinks – Yarn Pack

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

3 x Candyfloss
3 x Fondant
3 x Bright Pink
3 x White
3 x Silver
3 x Graphite

Heart of Friendship – Pinks Yarn pack colours per round

Recommended hook – 4mm G.
Finished size: 152 cm / 60 inches/ square.

Click to buy from

New Love – Yarn Pack

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

3 x Cloud Blue
2 x Aster
2 x Clematis
2 x Wisteria
2 x Violet
5 x White

Heart of Friendship – New Love Yarn pack colours per round

Recommended hook – 4mm G.
Finished size: 152 cm/60 inches.

Click to buy from

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the amazing women who tested the pattern for me and to my current testing team who are all amazing, for the love of the craft, for the laughs and support and for the shared frustrations.

Thank you.

Here are some of the amazing blankets they made.

Made by Terena Todd

Terena used Stylecraft Special. Colours: Petrol, Cream, Graphite, Grey, Teal, Turquoise.

Made by Kay Crone

Kay used

Stylecraft Special DK. Colours: Petrol, Denim, Storm Blue, Silver, Parchment, and Cream.

Made by Melissa Guthrie Hayes

Made by Lynda Hernandez

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2 reviews for Heart of Friendship

  1. Jennifer Baumann (verified owner)

    Hi Helen. I just bought Heart of friendship pattern. They are all so beautiful but, I especially love Kay Crone’s blanket. I have changed her blues to purples as my best friend is 60 this year and I was wondering if their is any way I could get Kay’s row colours please.

  2. Jellie Snijders (verified owner)

    Hi Helen, i just bought Heart of friendship, for my todo list…. But when I look in the pattern (US terms) and want to click on the link for the yarn per round, you return to this page? Is this correct? Jellie Snijders

    • Helen

      yes, the colours per round pdf is in the yarn packs information, you will see it underlined 🙂

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