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This was a mini, CAL (crochet-along) that I designed for my friends in Finland.

Available to purchase in US or UK terms and also in Finnish.



They were holding an event on Saturday 30th July, in a beautiful private garden.

They shared the Mandala Madness’s that they have made, spending time chatting, doing a little yarn shopping, and doing some crochet together.

Hopefully they will take lots of photos which I can add at a later date. (see below)

According to my friend Sari, in Finland knitting is very popular, but crochet has always just been simple.

This is what Sari says…

“Traditional crocheting designs are curtains with flower/animal figures and bed spreads with different simple squares made just with double crochets and chains. Second traditional thing is granny squares and new thing is African flowers.

Finnish crocheting culture is rising really rapidly and blogs and Facebook groups brings few new designs every now and then and then there will be a boom around that (like African flowers, light balls and carpets/rugs made of t-shirt yarn).

Your Mandala Madness design came at an ideal moment and it really exploded the whole pot in Finland.
People just became mad.
This is kind of like invasion (that word might be negative, but try to imagine a positive word for that) and it is still spreading.

It has raised Finnish crocheting into new level, at least seven steps higher that it has been previously.

Thanks to you, you are awesome!

This boom could not be possible without the Finnish translation as most of us don’t dare to crochet with foreign written patterns. Few have crocheted i.e. Sophie and the photos have got a lot attention and likes but still the majority can’t even imagine to start it until it’s translated into Finnish.

So, that way you really broke the ice and turned Finnish crocheting into something new and it will never be the same boring granny square crocheting any more. All Finnish crocheters are grateful to you and they just love and adore Mandala Madness.”

 I am thrilled by the reaction to my design

So as a way of saying thank you to the amazing team of translators who worked so hard on Mandala Madness, I have designed Fox Fires, which is being translated into Finnish, and is my gift to them.

Now available in my store, a full photo tutorial, or written pattern with just a small photo in English (US and UK crochet terms) or a full photo tutorial in Finnish.

Inspired by the Arora Borealis, the stunning and magical lights that dance across the night skies in Northern countries.

In Finland these dancing lights are called “Fox Fires” or “Revontulet”.

The name comes from an ancient Finnish myth, a beast fable, in which the lights were caused by a magical fox sweeping his tail across the snow spraying it up into the sky.

Finland is also known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes!

So the design starts with a lake surrounded with rocks, then spreads out to show the night sky with flashes of pink, green and white lights dancing across.

Here you can see the amount of texture in the Fox Fires design.

You can make the mandala by following the pattern up to round 23, or to square up continue from rounds 24 to 35.

This piece will make a perfect centre to any blanket or afghan, or the perfect cushion facing.


Here are some of the amazing Fox Fires made by these amazing ladies in Finland.

Anne Marjatta Laakkonen, Arni Oksanen x 2, Heidi Hoo, Jaana Silvennoinen, Johanna Aalto, Marja-Riitta Kopra, Marja-Riitta Ukkola, Päivi Metsola, Pia-Mari Winkqvist, Pirjo Kallonen, Riikka Julia Toivonen x2, Riitta Naskali, Riitta Sydänmaalakka x2, Taina Ilvonen, Taina Tauschi.

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