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Elements Collection

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Elements Cushion Collection

This new collection of cushion facings is inspired by the Medicine Wheel and the five directions/elements.

Each of the Elements is available to purchase separately, or you can purchase all five patterns in a new  E-Book at a discounted price.

Available to purchase in US or UK terms.



Many Native traditions follow the Wheel, using the four directions of East, South, West and North, and the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, along with a fifth element of Spirit, which is at the centre of all things.

The wheel and the elements follow the life cycles of the seasons, of our own lifetime on earth, and of all the plants, trees and animals.

The element of Spirit, relates to Great Spirit, God, Mother Nature, the name we give to that universal power does not matter, it is the belief of something greater that we are all a part of that is important.

I have chosen to interpret these in my own way.

We start with Whirl Wind.

The element of air, breathing new life in to all we do.

Thoughts of the sails of windmills went turning through my mind, or of leaves tumbling in the wind on an autumn day.

The layers of both the square and the border twist and turn, and overlap each other.

When we think of the wind, we also think of the sky, so I chose to use 3 shades of blue to represent the element of Air.

I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Nocturne, Greek Blue and Sky Blue.
One 100-gram ball of each, with a 4mm hook.

Available from Woolwarehouse.

Next comes Wild Fire.

The element of fire, giving us passion and creativity, and the courage and will to persevere.

Thoughts of flames gently crackling on a log fire, or of the power and speed of a bush fire.

Both the square and the border have overlay stitches in the shape of flames.

When we think of fire, we feel warmth and comfort, but we are also aware of the danger of letting things get out of control.
So I chose to use red, orange and yellow, to represent the warmth and power of the element of Fire.

I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Poppy, Saville and Sunflower.
One 100-gram ball of each, with a 4mm hook.

Available from Woolwarehouse.

The third is Drop in the Ocean.

Water is the element of dreams and feelings; without it no life can survive.

At times we may all feel that our contributions or trials are but a drop in the ocean, yet each and every thing we do is vital to our own growth and survival.

When we watch anything drop into water, it causes a splash and then ripples outward, this is what the ruffles and waves in the pattern of the square and border conjure up.

The oceans can be calm and tranquil or they can be deep and stormy.

I chose to use teal and turquoise to represent the element of Water.

I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Teal, Azure and Sky Blue.
One 100-gram ball of each, with a 4mm hook.

Available from Woolwarehouse.

Now we come to Earth Awakens.

Technically the north and the element of earth represents strength, form, and the end of the cycle, but to me the cycles of life never end, they simply rest for a while and then burst forth in new growth or a new direction.

The centre of the square is like a flower opening, showing many layers, which are connected to each other.

So I chose to use Spring like colours, in two shades of green, with a pop of sunshine yellow and an orange pink to represent the element of Earth.

I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Sunflower, Soft Lime, Leaf, Shrimp and Ivory.
One 100-gram ball of each, with a 4mm hook.

Available from Woolwarehouse.

Finally, we come to Spirit, the Fifth Element.

The central element or part of the wheel is all around us, it is within us. It is our own spirit or it is the spirit of all things past or yet to come.

The square, with its linked chains that form a cross represent the Medicine Wheel.

The colours I chose, purple, lavender and silver represent the colours of Spirit and our connection to all that is.

I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Lavender, Wisteria and Silver.
One 100-gram ball of each, with a 4mm hook.

Available from Woolwarehouse.

And then to show how they can be mixed together I made one final cushion using all five of the squares.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in Walnut, Copper, Spice, Gold and Mustard.
With a 4mm hook.

Available from Woolwarehouse.

All of these would make great stash buster projects, and are suitable for any number of colours.
There is no limit to your creativity, so let your imagination take you wherever it may.

I always recommend blocking your squares, once finished. Firstly it makes them easier to join together, and it also gives your work a much more polished finish.
You can learn more about blocking here.



Here is the full collection by one of my superstar testers Terena Todd

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