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Dream Weaver

Let your dreams be the light that guides you…. do what you love.

Our dreams show us how we want to live our life, who we want to be, they guide us to the places where we feel happiest and most content. Our dreams are the voice of our inner-self leading us ever onwards in harmony and grace, to peace and understanding.

Dream Weaver is a blanket, or afghan, made up of different sized squares. The pattern is, like all of my patterns, a full photo tutorial, including instructions for each of the squares, joining instructions and also the border.

All the details of the yarn and colours I used are at the bottom of this post, please use the partners links at the bottom of the page to help support me as a designer.

Dream Weaver is available to purchase as a photo tutorial in US and UK terms.

First there is the centre square

Star Gazer

…… just allow your mind to take you to a beautiful, clear night, you gaze up at the night sky and see millions of stars, twinkling and shining down on you. This is when I know that we are all part of something amazing, and so vast it is hard to comprehend.
This square measures 24 inches.

Next come the four small squares, each square measures 6 inches.
Muse is a flower with layers linked together, just like our dreams, one thought leads to another.

Dream Catcher, believed to catch the bad dreams, and let the good ones pass through the web.

Trance, so often we can get caught up in a web of our own making, but when we see clearly past our own doubt, we can allow our dreams to blossom and flourish.

Possibilities, anything is possible, we just have to be bold!

The 12 inch squares that surround all the others are…….

Hope, there is always hope, no matter which way you turn, hope is what drives us forward into a better tomorrow.

Visionary, is what we need to be, to follow our dreams and make them become our reality.

Imagine, yourself living in your perfect world and you are already starting to create it.

Inspiration, is the inner guidance that leads us forward to be all that we dream we can be.

Before I give you all the details of the yarn and packs available I just had to share this photo too.
I had taken the photos and was going through editing them and noticed a rainbow orb in the corner of this one…so I just had to share it.
Rainbows have very special and magical meaning to me, and when ever an orb appears in a photo I know someone special is around.

Finished size approx. 66 inches /5 ‘6”.

I used Caron Simply Soft with a 5mm hook.

New Dream Weaver yarn pack in Stylecraft Special Aran now available from Wool Warehouse.

Dream Weaver colours per round


Dream Weaver is available as a paid pdf download in US terms photo tutorial – UK terms photo tutorial 

Please ensure you select the correct terms for your use.



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