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Beltane Blessings

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The powers of light and new life now dance and move through all creation.
The Wheel continues to turn.
Spring gives way to Summer’s first full bloom.

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Beltane celebrates the union of the Goddess and the Green Man – the coming together of male and female energies to create new life

A little bit of history…..

Beltane is also known as the Celtic May Day.

It officially begins at moonrise on May Day Eve and marks the beginning of the third quarter or second half of the ancient Celtic year.

It is celebrated as an early pastoral festival accompanying the first turning of the herds out to wild pasture.

The rituals were held to promote fertility.

The cattle were driven between the Belfires to protect them from ills.

Contact with the fire was interpreted as symbolic contact with the sun. In early Celtic times, the druids kindled the Beltane fires with specific incantations.

Later the Christian church took over the Beltane observances, a service was held in the church, followed by a procession to the fields or hills, where the priest kindled the fire.

The rowan branch is hung over the house fire on May Day to preserve the fire itself from bewitchment (the house fire being symbolic of the luck of the house).


Beltane is the season of maturing life and deep found love.

This is the time of vows, handfastings and commitment.

The Lord and his Lady, having reached maturity, come together in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust to celebrate the joy of their union.

This is a time to celebrate the coming together of the masculine and feminine creative energies.


It seems perfect to me, at this time of global uncertainty to celebrate coming together to work in balance with each other, although, when I designed this, I had no idea of the situation we were all going to find ourselves in with the world health situation [April 2020], but obviously my crochet Angels knew!


The central part of the design spins like a Maypole with flowers or flames bursting outwards.

Framed with rows of flowers and hills and valleys to depict the rural landscape.

The textures woven into the design come together in harmony just as all the people of the world need to do.

Yarn Packs

Yarn Pack 1

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

5 x Petrol
4 x Aspen
5 x Duck Egg
2 x Pale Rose
2 x Cream

Beltane Blessings Colours per round

Recommended hook 4mm G
Finished size: 170 cm / 67 inches square.

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Yarn Pack 2

Stylecraft Special Double Knit

4 x Grey
3 x Storm Blue
3 x Saffron
3 x Buttermilk
3 x Gold
2 x Mustard
2 x Cream

Beltane Blessings Colours per round

Recommended hook 4mm – G

Finished size: 170 cm / 67 inches square.

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Here are the beautiful Beltane Blessings made by my testing team.

Below each photo you will find a link to their Ravelry project page giving details of the yarns they used.

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3 reviews for Beltane Blessings

  1. veronique pantocrator (verified owner)

    I started this seigneurial blanket last summer with what most resembles the colors used by Sherrie Linthicum Ziegler, the center gives a very very original 3D rendering but I did not succeed and since I cannot find the colors she used , her site no longer exists and she is no longer on Facebook or on ravelry, I sincerely hope that nothing has happened to her, I have a twinge in my heart every time I don’t don’t know how is she, so I left the blanket aside for later….

    • Helen

      The link to Sherrie’s Ravelry page still works and all her colours are listed there, and she is still in the Facebook group and still testing for me 🙂

  2. Anne Crofts (verified owner)

    I loved making this, I used similar colours to the Yarn Pack 2 and now it’s gone to an elderly woman who has moved to a care home. She is delighted with it, no-one’s made anything for her before, she’s been the crocheting in the family.

  3. Darlene Paterson


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