Mr J coming home…

Mr J coming home…

Jun 2, 2017

The Diary of Mr J
Westie Extraordinaire

Well life has had its up’s and down’s lately!

My old human was very ill and couldn’t look after me anymore, so I went to stay with some very nice people at the Stokenchurch Dog Rescue centre. Where they told me after a few days they would see if another human wanted to adopt me and give me a new forever home.

And what do you know? The very first day I was up for adoption a human came in and said she would give me a forever home.

We went for a walk a few times, and played ball in the field, so that we could get to know each other a little bit.

Then came the big day, I was going home to a new forever home, with my new human mum.

I jumped straight in the car, after I had said my goodbyes to the girls who had been looking after me.

I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, so I did jump around a bit, but my new human kept talking to me, and I felt safe enough to settle down.

We stopped at the woods before we went home, and went for a lovely long walk, so many interesting smells, and I could stop and sniff, and pee, as much as I wanted. I even met some other dogs, who seemed to be ok, although one was a bit too bouncy for my liking, so I soon told him what I thought, these youngsters have no respect sometimes, and they must be put in their place.

Back in the car, and I sat very still and was told I am a very good boy, which made me wiggle with pleasure.

Then we got to my new home, so much sniffing to do, so many places to explore.

I was a bit worried the first night, where was I going to sleep, how did I get out if I needed a pee (or more)?

But my new mum kept showing me a little garden, so I guess that’s where I pee. And she gave me a blanket, but I preferred to sit on her lap and get cuddles, I do like cuddles.

At bed time, I was allowed on the big bed, but was told it wasn’t all for me, and I had to share!

We are getting into a routine now, and my mum understands when I need to go outside, and she always makes a fuss of me when I am good.

But I did get told off for pinching a square of chocolate she left on the table…well silly mum shouldn’t have left the chair there for me to jump up on, but I guess she has as much to learn as I do.

Each morning after we have had breakfast, and mum has been in that funny clear box with all the water, we go to the woods. I still must have a lead on for a few weeks, until we get really used to each other, and I can prove that I will come back when she calls me, but it’s a long lead and she doesn’t mind me stopping to sniff and pee all the time.

Mum even took a photo of me in the woods, don’t I look handsome, I am standing near the Copper Beech tree that was planted by Prince Charles, mum calls it Charlies tree. 🙂

mum’s bed, and mine too!

in the woods

Now I have a little problem, and mum has told me I should go to see the vet tomorrow!! But my ear is a little bit sore, so maybe it’s for the best…. We will see!

I am not so sure I like it when mum leaves me for a while, but she does always come back, so I will get used to it, and I get chicken treats when I am good or she comes back after being gone for a while, so it’s not all bad.

Anyway, that’s all for now as we are about to go out on our evening walk, and then all I will want to do is sleep.

love and licks Mr J

Anyway, that’s all for now as we are about to go out on our evening walk, and then all I will want to do is sleep.

love and licks Mr J



  1. Lady gem

    Way to go Mr. J I am sure you will love your new home and Helen too. I just love what Helen does with Yarn 🙂

  2. Olivia

    I just joined your site and read about Mr J coming home. It was so heartwarming. I love to hear whenever a pet is adopted. Welcome home Mr. J

  3. Maria

    Congratulations Mr J on your new home and for Helen for finding a lovely and loyal companion as dogs are! And it would be a pleasure to read more from Mr J’s diary and his point of view on Helen’s world and crochet 🙂

  4. Margaret

    Mr J is a delight he will enjoy his new home with you. Lucky Pup

  5. Sharon

    Well Mr J, looks like you have it made. Chicken treats are faved but tell your Mum too many will give you diarrhea, and don’t buy those ones that has from China on the bag. You get to sleep on Mum’s bed too! How spoiled you are. 🙂 Kelsea & Panda say “ruff, ruff” to you and your Mum. So happy you have such a nice place to retire to. Looking forward to your next blog.

  6. Laura

    Congratulations Mr. J on your new forever home and to you Helen on your new fur baby. Enjoy your lives together!

  7. Patricia

    Love your story and hope to hear more. My husband and I have 2 Westies over the years and loved and now miss them both dearly. Enjoy the love you will receive from your little fellow. 🙂

  8. Susanne

    Congratulations to mr. J and to you Helen, I just know you will have a lot of fun together

  9. Belinda Sweeney

    Welcome and congratulations to you Mr J (and your Mum) you chose really well, I think you will be spoilt rotten and loved much xxoo

  10. Belinda

    I have a Westie called Zac they are lovely dogs but can suffer from ear and skin problems. They love getting filthy ! ❤❤

  11. Sue

    Oh Helen, what a cutie Mr.J is…just a suggestion, could you leave the radio on, so he feels that he is not alone maybe?.
    I have got a little dog, and they have such characters don’t they?.
    Looks like he has settled well, and will be a wonderful companion for you..animals give us unconditional love.

  12. Anne

    God bless you both. I pray for a long happy healthy life for you. Xxx

  13. Kandy

    It is lovely to see you have a new friend, he is gorgeous, give him a kiss and cuddle from me. Bless you for rescuing him. xx from a fellow dog lover. xx

  14. Lynda Atwell

    Lovely to meet you Mr J, I hope that you have a great time with your new humans, they will look after you really well & you’ll have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

  15. Natalie

    Mr. J, I am so glad you found a loving home! What a cutie you are!

  16. inisfae

    I’m glad you are settling in your new forever home Mr J. I hope you and your human have many many years of happiness together!

  17. Bee

    A wonderful, uplifting blog! What a joy to read. Thank you.

  18. Sue Getty

    Congratulations on your new home Mr. J! It’s a wonderful thing your human did! I applaud her!!

  19. Cindy MacDonell

    Oh Helen this just warms my heart and brings back so many memories from May 2013 ago. After losing our 10 yr old English Bulldog, Chachi the previous December we were all devastated including our 6yr old Frenchie Sadie. They were the best of friends and she missed him dearly. My neighbor called to say they had an Olde English Bulldogge coming into rescue and thought I may want to foster him as I was familiar with the bully breeds. The moment I opened my van door Harley jumped in, sat down and looked at me as if to say “Ok lets go HOME!” This all happened during the day when my husband was out of town working and you can imagine the look on his face when this new “puppy” greeted him at the door. Ken’s comment ” He wasn’t here when I left this morning was he? I must have missed him” LOL!! The next morning Ken told me I might as well sign the adoption papers as there was no way he was leaving. He has been a wonderful joy to all of us and was a wonderful companion to our Sadie who we lost in Jan 2016. To me there is so much comfort in giving a home to a pet who otherwise may not have a “forever home” Just had to share and may you have many happy days ahead!! Cindy

  20. Candy

    I would like to hear more of Mr. J. adventures, he is a very nice doggy with such a lovely and caring new mommy. Can’t help it but love them both!

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