Welcome to the Cosmic Cal

On this page you will find all the information you need to start and follow along with the Cosmic Cal.

Designed by me, Helen Shrimpton, and sponsored by Stylecraft Yarns.

The introduction post (published 2nd March 2018) will give you all the details, how you can get involved, where to buy your yarn packs, or how much yarn you will need, the finished sizes of the blankets, where you will be able to get help, and a list of the languages the cal will be available in.

Though the official crochet a long has now finished you can still join in with many others who are making their Cosmic blankets either on the Official Stylecraft Cosmic cal group or Helen’s Hookaholics on Facebook.

You will find each part of the cal below, with links to the pattern (on the stylecraft website) and also the video tutorials.

  • Cosmic Cal Part 9

    ♥ Welcome to Part 9 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ Finally we arrive at the end of our journey through the cosmos, and what a journey it has been............. I...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 8

    ♥ Welcome to Part 8 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ We have nearly reached the outer limits of the Cosmos, and though this part seems simple, you will still be...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 7

    ♥ Welcome to Part 7 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ All we are is Stardust and water. The elements of the Universe are in all of us, underneath it all...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 6

    ♥ Welcome to Part 6 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ In part 6 we come back towards a rectangular shape, framing the sunbursts and building the foundation for the next...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 5

    ♥ Welcome to Part 5 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ Last week we started to branch out in a different direction again, and this week in part 5 our Sunbursts...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 4

    ♥ Welcome to Part 4 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ Can I just say, ♥ Thank You ♥, you all lit up my life last week with yourbeautiful photos of...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 3

      ♥ Welcome to Part 3 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ Oh my goodness, what amazing work you are all producing. ♥ Your creativity with colour is glorious, the way...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 2

      ♥ Welcome to Part 2 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ WOW, what an amazing journey this is already, I can literally feel the joyous buzz flowing through the internet...

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  • Cosmic Cal Part 1

      ♥ Welcome to Part 1 of the Cosmic Cal ♥ Woooo Hooooo here we go..... It has been great fun watching so many of you choosing your colours, and...

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  • Cosmic Countdown

    14th March 2018 Hey Everyone We have just under five weeks to go to blast off. Part 1 of the Cosmic Cal will be published on Tuesday 17th April 2018....

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  • Introducing Cosmic cal

      Introducing Cosmic Cal 2018   As many of you, that know my designs, will know, I love the idea of thousands of people, from all over the world, and...

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  • Cosmic Cal Sneaky Peek

      A short and sweet sneaky peek.   Well..... so many of you have been waiting so patiently to see my new cal, I truly appreciate your support and hope...

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