Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

Apr 8, 2015

Cleansing and Caring for your Crystals

Crystals need to be cleansed for several reasons.
When you work with crystals, either by yourself or with others, they absorb energy from you, other people, and their environments.
Visibly, they can also become dusty and lacklustre.
You can see when your crystals need cleansing, they loose their sparkle, brightness and even colour. Crystals in need of cleansing may also feel sticky to the touch.

Good energy versus bad energy

Crystals naturally pick up energy from the environment they live in. Any traditional crystal cleansing method removes surplus energy that they have absorbed and which is no longer needed.
We may often seek to define this absorbed energy as good or bad, but there really is no difference between the two, energy, is simply energy, without judge¬ment.
Native American peoples used obsidian to fashion arrowheads just as healers recommend holding the stone to the belly to ease stomach ache. The ancient Greeks used beautiful quartz crystal globes to cauterize wounds, but leave one in direct sunlight and the same energy may burn your house down. So do not be concerned that your crystals somehow possess innate good or bad energy; the

y have only energy, and cleansing them helps release energy build-up, preparing them for healing work.

Removing dust

Crystals do become dusty.
Dust sticks with an electrostatic charge that affects the special electricity-generating properties of crystals. Dusty crystals will not work as effectively as crystals that have been cleansed, and dust also blocks light, which reduces the quantity of photons a crystal can focus.
To remove dust, lightly brush your crystals with a soft brush ~ a make-up brush or small paint brush is ideal. Do this regularly to avoid d

ust build-up. If the crystal has become sticky you can use a soft nail brush under running water, but never use detergents or chemical cleaners!!!

Energetically cleansing

The simple ways are the best.
Firstly when you have been wearing or using a crystal for a while it will need to be discharged—do this by holding under cool running water and rubbing
between your fingers for a few minutes.
Thoroughly dry the crystal.


Never put your crystals directly into salt or in salt water as it will damage most crystals.
Get 2 glass bowls, one must fit inside the other!
In the largest bowl pour some sea salt, then press the smaller bowl into the salt so that it reaches about half way up the bowl.
(for very small crystals you can use drinking glasses) now place your crystals inside the empty bowl/glass.
Leave for 2 hours and then rinse under cool water again and dry thoroughly.

The only exception is Opals… the salt will kill an Opal!!


Smudging is an ancient tradition used to cleanse any form of unwanted energy.
Traditionally a “sage smudge stick” is used.
As before, discharge your crystals, dry them thoroughly and place them where you can easily move around them.
Light your smudge stick and ensure it is burning/smouldering evenly.
Using a Smudging Feather or your hand, gently waft the smoke over and around your crystals.
When you are finished dip the end of your smudge stick in water to ensure it is completely “out”.


There are many types of sound that can be used to cleanse energy, my preferred ways are a Singing Bowl, Tibetan cymbals also known as Tingsha, or clapping your hands.
Again prepare your crystals by discharging and placing where you can easily move around them.
Gently clap or play your Singing Bowl or Tingsha as you move around the crystals.

There are no rules as to how long any of these procedures will take.
Listen to your intuition and allow yourself to listen to your crystals, they will let you know when they are happy.
I would recommend that you cleanse your crystals weekly if you are using them on a continual basis, to maintain the purest vibrations and healing from the crystals. You can also discharge your crystals by running them under cold water for a few minutes each evening.



  1. Madison b

    I love using my Tibetan bowl and my tingshas, They also work great in cleansing naked of energy’s throughout a living space if I’ve ever had people come and act negatively at all in my home I immediately get those out and it really clears my home. As always, thank you for sharing❣

  2. Harley

    Hi Helen,

    Like all events in the universe I was recently introduced to the idea of crystals and they’re healing capabilities. I found it interesting but left it at that. Oddly enough, as I was straightening up my step sons room the next evening I found what I instantly knew how to be a crystal. And he is seven and plays with Legos and likes to sword fight so I have no idea where this came from or how it got in his room but I picked it up did some research to find out exactly which Krystal it is and it is a red jasper stone and it’s very smooth. I’ve gotten some different information depending on which website to go to but from what your’s blog notes in the description.. it gave me chills because it hit home and was exactly what I was hoping for but was certain I couldn’t be that lucky. Anyway, I’m writing because it is of course oval in shape and very smooth it’s a smaller one probably the size of a nickel but slightly larger. I love holding it and rubbing it as I do things around the house but I was wondering if you had any suggestions of a way I could securely wear it as jewelry or figure out a way to keep it closer to my body, particularly my chest and heart, but again I am nervous about simply wrapping it securely. Making a necklace out of it. I’m pretty crafty myself, that sounds weird to say…but I have a small bag that’s like a mesh material a separate type of jewelry came in a long time ago and I was wondering if maybe I could put it in that and then make the necklace out of that that way I would know it’s safe because it’s actually in a small, nearly translucent mesh bag and I could use the dreams that are attached to the top of the bag to tighten it as well as put the chain through it. My question is: in your opinion do you think that method or using any of those materials would have any kind of adverse affects on the Crystal? Like I mentioned I’m very new to this so this might be a completely ridiculous question I’m not sure. But I have to go do some things that I used to not have fear doing and I find myself not wanting to stop holding this crystal as if it were a security blanket of some kind. It’s very strange but I still figured I might as well ask. Sorry for the lengthy message and thank you for reading it. -Harley

    • Helen

      Personally with Red Jasper I would keep it near your base chakra, so in your pocket, but in the little mesh bag sounds good 🙂

  3. Diane M Futcher

    Thank you Helen for the information on Crystals and how to keep them energised. I will keep this info handy and also pass it onto my daughter who is deep into Crystals. Cheers

  4. Priscilla

    Love the mandalas and can’t wait to start when the weather gets cooler. Great fall and winter project. I enjoyed reading about the crystals and hope to learn more. I’m just starting to learn about them. I have health issues and depression with severe anxiety. I’ve been researching what crystals would be best. Any suggestions? Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations. I’ve also been crocheting since I’m about 8. Self taught and can copy a pattern by looking at it. Self taught knitter also.
    Much love and peace to you! ❤️☮

    • Helen

      Thank you 🙂
      The best way to work with crystals is to let your intuition guide you. Just go with what you are attracted to, hold it and allow yourself to be still with it and it will show you if it wants to work with you or not. sometimes it is a case of waiting, or like peeling the layers of an onion, take it one layer at a time, and just because something does not seem to work now, doesn’t mean it won’t work in a week or month or year.
      Just go to a crystal shop and let yourself feel what you are drawn to 🙂

  5. Kathy Walton

    I have to say I REALLY LOVE MANDALA MADNESS. Even though I had forgotten some of the stitches a quick reminder helped. Though I’m on part 7 I plan on getting caught up before part 11 comes out. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 or 10 yrs. old I’m now 62 This keeps my mind sharp and my hands working. Thank you again

    • Helen

      so pleased you are having fun 🙂

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