Bye-Bye to Beechy Buckinghamshire

Bye-Bye to Beechy Buckinghamshire

Nov 7, 2018

Only one more walk, tomorrow morning, and then Mr J and I are finally moving to our new home in the glorious county of Cornwall.

He did not look this white after our walk this morning, it has been raining quite heavily, so a bath and blow dry was in order when we got back…. he absolutely loves being brushed and blow dryed!

I was born in Bucks, and apart from one disastrous year (but we won’t go into that) I have lived here all my life.

The name Buckinghamshire is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means ‘the district of Bucca’s home’, Bucca being an Anglo-Saxon landowner.

There are many historic landmarks here, like the Hell Fire Caves and the Golden Ball. Hughenden Manor, which was the home of Disraeli who was Prime Minister twice.
Chequers, the country seat of the Prime Minister.
Waddesdon Manor which was built for Baron de Rothschild to house his amazing collection of art treasures.

Florence Nightingale lived in Bucks as did Roald Dahl author of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Matilda, and many more amazing children’s novels and Mary Shelly author of Frankenstein.

As a child I used to go with a friend to swim in Roald Dahl’s pool, and often saw him sitting in his writing hut, which was like a garden shed.

When I was older, and a hairdresser I used to help look after Patricia Neil’s hair (wife of Roald Dahl and famous actress) when she was in the UK .

Buckinghamshire is nestled in the Chiltern Hills, there are acres of ancient woodlands with a predominance of Beech trees. Our daily walks have been in the Penna, or Penn woods to the locals, this is owned by the woodland trust and they are doing an amazing job of restoring the ancient woodlands.

Here are a few of my favourite spots

A stunning tunnel of glorious autumnal colours a fabulous place to sit and daydream.

This is the ancient oak, or the hollowed oak as Mum used to call it, I call him Bear, can you see why?
In the spring there are bluebells all around the base, lots of butterflies in the summer, and now with autumn he is surrounded by wonderful golden leaves.

This is a recent addition to the woods, there are a few amazing sculptures and this one has a gadget in the back where you can wind it up and sit and listen to a poem, heavenly.

I have loved living in Bucks, and have many wonderful memories from my childhood, and from my working life. But now, after years of thinking about everyone else, it is time for me to follow my dreams and move to the one place in the world where I truly feel “at home”.

Every time I go to Cornwall, I have the most amazing feeling of peace and as if my soul has come home, with no more ties to Bucks it was the logical choice for my new home.

This is where Mr J and I will be walking most days, a short drive from our new home, with a very handy pub at the top of the lane.

Also having lived with Mum for the past eight or nine years I am looking forward to being able to finally unpack all of my things…especially all my crystals, and to be able to design my home and garden to be a haven of peace and tranquillity where I can let my creativity flow.

These are just some of my pieces of Amethyst.

I will update you all once I have moved and settled in and will share my journey in creating my perfect home.

Because of the move I will be offline from the evening of Thursday 8th November until the weekend of 17th November, when I hope to have my internet up and running again.

Later today I will pack away my current crochet project, to keep it all safe until I am set up in my new home, but I discovered this odd cake of yarn, so I am keeping this out to see what sort of shawl design may come to light.



  1. Judy Holliday Atchison

    (Now I figured this application out); recently watched Patricia Neil alongside Paul Newman in an early film on TCM; she had been one if my most favorite actresses from being a young girl to now. Her eyes and voice are hypnotizing, and I find myself inthrawled, listening to every word. Subsequently, voice-recognition of TV [advertisements] always perked-up my ears.
    I shall take snip-its of time to read/follow your Crystals writings as I am extremely interested in the heritage and experiences you describe. Sincerely, Judy

  2. Linda Chacewater

    I wish you all the very best in your new home. I think you and I must be twins because I, too, am born and bred Buckinghamshire (February 1966) and the way you describe how you feel so at home is exactly how I describe it to my family and friends too. Good luck with the move and hope you’ll find the peace you seek. Namasté x

  3. Margaret Ann

    Lovely memories will go with you to Cornwall (my family home prior to Victoria, Australia All best wishes for your new journey – safe memories go with you of a beautiful place and new ones to be made in Cornwall (my heritage home long ago, 1850). Both you and Mr J will share wonderful new experiences together and I wish you well.

  4. SUE

    Wishing you safe journey and enjoyment in your new home looking forward to new designs and challenges take care x

  5. Cindy

    Best wishes on your move into your new home!

  6. Maria

    I’m sure everything will be fine, it will take a little time to unpack all your things but you will do quite well. The place you are leaving behind is beautiful and it will be always in your memory for all the years you live there. New memories will come along in Cornwall and you will write a new chapter on that book that we call life. Good fortune in your new home and on everything you will be doing from now on. Love.

  7. Marilyn B. Hull

    God bless and keep you and Mr. J on your new journey. Love all your pictures. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful patterns.

  8. Rita Price

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and your amazing story. Best wishes in your new adventure! Look forward to the next chapter!

  9. Bonnie Clements Croft

    Best of luck in your new home. I have never been across the pond, but have always wanted to visit. You have given such beautiful descriptions that the draw to visit much stronger.. looking forward to more wonderful designs.

  10. Lesley J Cross

    I really enjoyed reading your blog about your move. I have very fond memories of Buckinghamshire where I spent every summer as a small child up until about the age of thirteen when my Godparents, my aunt and uncle, sadly moved to London. They lived in Amersham and I just adored being there with them. Those times gave me a great love of the countryside and gardening which they taught me. I just love the giant acorn chair. How inspirational! I am envious of your move to Cornwall which is another county dear to my heart. May God bless you with your move and I am sure that we ALL look forward to seeing your wonderful new patterns you will producer when there, no doubt inspired by the beauty that will surround you. Thank you for this lovely blog and for all your beautiful designs and patterns. I have just completed Round 24 of the Cosmic! I wish you all the positive very best in your new home.

  11. Lynda Thompson

    Oh Helen what a lucky lady you are. I feel exactly the same about Cornwall. I wish you much happiness in your new home. x

  12. Sandra Jones

    HI Helen, Thank you for the update on your new venture now beginning. Pleased your mums house has now been sold. You will probably miss the walks through the woods but there is always something new and somewhere to go in your new home and area isn’t there. Have you built your new home now? I want to go and live by the sea, the views on the good mornings would be lovely and the sunsets are quite something else, breath taking aren’t they. Looking forward to your new inspirations. When you are unpacking your things you will find thing you had forgotten you had. It will be like having Christmas and birthdays all over again.
    All the best to you on your new home.

  13. Ann E Bullock

    You have so many talents. You are an amazing photographer and writer. I felt like I too just shared in your amazing journey. Thank you for all you share. We are so blessed & all our hearts wish you well in your new & glorious journey. Thank You and may Peace continue to fill all your days.

  14. Hazel

    Beautiful photos of your walks with Mr J. Hope the move to your new home goes smoothly. Take care

  15. Karen

    Wish you all the best on your life’s new adventure! We too are making decisions about our next phase in life, in that we too now have no ties to where we are living, so we will be embarking on an adventure like you! We absolutely love Cornwall too and have had lovely times in Tintagel, Boscastle, Bodmin Moor. I totally get how it feels like ‘your spiritual home’. I agree, it is a very peaceful, calming place to be. Hope you find eternal peace and happiness in your new home.

  16. Lucy

    Good luck with your move… time to look after you!
    I’ve lived in Jersey all my life and walk in my beach most mornings with my two adorable little friends Billie and Sweep at
    sunrise. I post many photos on fb. Cornwall is so similar to the Channel Islands… what a magical new start for you. I wish you every happiness x

  17. Elizabeth Rose

    Hi Helen all the best for your move you might see Doc Martin on your travels in Cornwall

  18. Shirley

    I was born in Bucks too,my parents moved us down to Devon when I was 10yrs old.. My times to Bucks have long gone now ,my grandparents who I miss everyday .. Cornwall such amazing county, the beaches,they scenery and the people.. All the best on your move Helen .. xx

  19. Moira

    Hello Helen thank you for sharing your move with us. My daughter and her partner have just built a new house in Buckinghamshire. I myself was born in Northamptonshire but emigrated to Australia over 44 years ago with my parents. My plan is to visit my daughter soon and also go to Cornwall because I have never been there either. Peace and happiness to you all in your new home. Love and Best Wishes from Australia

  20. Alexandra

    I,m In Auckland NZ moved here as a young teenager, But still MIss the Bluebells, Primroses, thatched roof cottages, Enjoy your new home, look forward to seeing some photos.

  21. Jillayne Saliga

    What wonderful news! Go where your heart leads you. I feel your excitement. The beach looks tranquil and a pub too? Now I am envious. I hope to see all your crystals and what other beautiful things that come to you. Sometimes we must just wait for it.

  22. Sue Richards

    So glad you posted pictures! I have visited Cambridge when my son and daughter-in-law were stationed at Lakenheath and Cambridge was charming. I have read many things about Cornwall and would love to visit.

  23. Heidi Bradshaw

    Wishing you and Mr J the very best in your new home! I would love to move back to the West Country, particularly Devon, someday. It’s a very special place for myself and my daughter. Hugs to you xx

  24. Sheila Atcher

    What a beautiful farewell to a beautiful place…so happy for you and Mr J. Relish each page of this new chapter!

  25. Pamela

    What lovely pictures! I’d love to visit either place. I’m a lifelong Californian. Best wishes for much happiness in your new home.

  26. Kerry Tarbuck

    Best wishes on your move Helen. I hope all goes well for you and Mr J. Look forward to hearing about your move.

  27. Gina

    Hi Helen What a beautiful journey wishing you and Mr J all the Best in your new home. Ready to make some wonderful new memories and creations in your new town and home look forward to seeing you back when your all settled take care x

  28. Pat

    Good luck with the move, I lived in Cornwall for 10 years beautiful county!!

  29. Lois Elphick

    Enjoy your new home and may you have many years to do so.

  30. Kelly Barker

    Good Luck in your new home, and all the happy memories you will make in it

  31. Di Easton

    Thank you Helen and I hope you are very happy in your new home with lots of inspiration. I love Cornwall myself and I’m only just up the road in Cullompton, Devon. So looking forward to your updates. Xxxx

  32. Maureen Cairns

    All the best in your new beginning. May Cornwall inspire you to even more fabulous designs.

  33. shoshana

    thanks for sharing those beautiful peeks into what life was like,and the endless possibilities of whats to come. wishing you joy and expansiveness and all you heart desires.

  34. Cheri George

    I lived in East Anglia for 4 years, GI husband. He never wanted to go any place except the US base bar. I wish I had gone to Cornwall, I have heard it is gorgeous there! Good luck with your move.

  35. Sharon Copsey

    My very best wishes to you and Mr J for your move to the most delightful county of the whole of the UK. I hope your move goes well and it that it wont take you too long to unpack and get settled in. Enjoy the pasties and the cream. They always seem to taste so much better when you are there rather than having bought them anywhere else.

  36. Pieta

    Wishing jou a nice time in jour new home in Cornwall.

  37. Carol

    I’m so happy for you. May the white light surround you and your new home.

  38. Janice Todd

    Wishing you a wonderful week as you make this huge change.
    I am sure your many friends on here will be wishing you well.
    I look forward to you sharing the joy of creating your new home.
    Take care.

  39. Donna Hattaway

    I hope you have a safe and easy move!! Thinking about you! I love Cornwall! I wish to visit one day!!

  40. Patty Rogers

    What a lovely place and wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing. And now you’re off on a new adventure to add to those memories. I hope you will continue to share your wonderful experiences and that they will lead to new pattern ideas!

  41. Jenny

    I’m originally from Slough but stayed in High Wycombe for a year before moving to Antigua in the Caribbean. I wish you plenty of peace & quiet to get your creative juices working! Best of luck!

  42. Gail

    Helen, your new place sounds just as magical as the one you are leaving behind! Your memories will follow you wherever you go and fond new memories to look forward to!
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us!
    Hugs and God Bless!

  43. Deb's

    Wishing you a fraught free move, we have just moved too it took us jyst over a year as well. So i really can feel your pain and elation now it is finnally happening. All the best xx

  44. mj arnold

    Beautiful! Travel well! Enjoy the journey!!

  45. Orah Ben Jacob

    Whishing you an easy move to your new place. Love your design. Looking forward to read more on your blog.

  46. Smita Shah

    Good luck to the move to your new home.

  47. Joy

    Good luck with the move, it’s a brave decision to leave such a lifetime behind…but the memories will always be with you. Enjoy this exciting time ahead.

  48. Jayne Jarrett

    Wishing you both happiness in you new home, a whole new adventure good luck

  49. Shelley Krueger

    Happy New home!

  50. Debra

    Have a wonderful move and may the adventure begin in peace and happiness. Looking forward to your blog again.

  51. Amo House

    Sounds wonderful. I have a place in Pembrokeshire which calls to me, too many ties still in Dorset for now though. Have a safe journey and a calm move. See you dreckly!

  52. Cheryl Gallegos

    Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful adventure! Wishing you many happy years in your new home.

  53. Trudy

    Wishing you good luck and safe travels with your move. You’re leaving with a lot of memories but no doubt will be making many more in your nrw home. I love Cornwall when I’ve been over from SA on holiday or an extended stay. The Ruggedness along with peacefulness, spoke to my soul. Enjoy every minute of it.

  54. Rhondalisa

    May peace and serenity surround you


    Wishing you and Mr J a Blessed, peaceful wonderful new life, yes Cornwall is a beautiful and peaceful place, where I spent my holiday with my God Parents, wonderful memories. xx

  56. Tineke Joldersma

    Take care dear, hope this will be your new creative haven for a long time. As I moved about 13 times all over the globe I know what it means to leave a place you have so many memories.

  57. Karen van Heiningen-Kess

    Hi Helen, wishing you all the luck and peace in your new home in Cornwall. I’m looking forward to more beauty, now you will go “ home”.

  58. Mette

    Best of luck with your move to wonderful Cornwall, even us Norwegians get it 🙂

  59. Lorelle Keogh

    What a lovely blog. Such interesting stuff on Bucks! Absolutely adore that amethyst, which is my birthstone. Good luck with the move and your new home. We also love Cornwall. Go as often as we can. You’ll be coming past our new doorway. We moved to Bridgwater 12 weeks ago! So if you fancy a cuppa to break your journey….you’d be very welcome.

    • Helen

      oooh I will wave on the way past 🙂

  60. Jean Clay

    Everything looks absolutely mythical. I have loved looking at your photos. I am very envious, but in a nice way. It is said you reap what you sew. I believe that it is true, most certainly in your case. X

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