Yummy New Colours

March 2019
Stylecraft Special Dk  New colours!
Oooh exciting new colours to add to an already amazing range of colours in my favourite yarn.

These new colours will be available to purchase early in April from your favourite local yarn store and online.

There are 4 new colours.

Spearmint a beautiful soft green with a hint of a blue undertone.

Spearmint fits with Teal and Aspen which are clear blue/greens and, also with Sage and Duck Egg which are grey-blue/greens and is complimented by any of these colours.

Any of the cool neutrals, from Black to White will work perfectly with the new Spearmint colour and the contrasting colour is red/pink.

Powder Pink is a beautiful soft pink with the ability to match perfectly with either the clear pinks or the slightly violet toned pinks.

This is a cool pink and will be perfectly highlighted by any of the cool neutrals.

The contrasting colours for Powder Pink are the greens.

Cornish Blue, they must have known I was moving to Cornwall!!

I now live in a little village in the heart of the old China Clay mining area, and everywhere I see the gorgeous soft blues of the traditional Cornishwear pottery.

This blue has a very slight grey undertone and works perfectly with cool neutrals and other blues like Denim and Lapis.

The contrasting colour for blue is any shade of orange.

Toy was designed for all you toy makers out there and is a slightly warm flesh colour, but it also fits perfectly with all the other warm neutrals.

Though Toy will work with any colour, the contrasting colour is anything from the violet range.

I know you will be seeing these colours in some new designs later this year and I look forward to seeing how you use them in your own colour pallets.



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