Puff Stitches


Essentially a puff stitch is a group or cluster of half double crochet stitches, but do make sure you check the instructions in the pattern you are working from as I often tell you to make them to the height of a double crochet.

To make a Puff stitch:

Yarn over, put hook through indicated stitch and pull up a loop to the height of surrounding stitches.

Three loops on hook.

Repeat three more times.

Nine loops on hook.

Yarn over and pull through all nine loops and close with a chain one to secure the stitch.

With normal stitches either side of the puff stitch an extra dimension of texture is added, with spaces either side of the puff stitch more focus is drawn to the  puff stitch for decorative purposes.




Puff stitches can be worked in rounds or rows.

In the video tutorial I show you how you can get creative with puff stitches.


Video tutorial



Video tutorial Puff Stitch to height of Double Crochet [US terms]

Video tutorial Mini Puff Stitch


 All of my tutorials are free and are written or recorded using US terminology.

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