Crochet Basics

There are so many ways to learn how to crochet.
From books, video tutorials, classes, friends and family.

This article has photo and video tutorials for making a slip stitch, how to make chains, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet.

My Nana taught me when I was very young, but when I came to re-learn a few years ago I found people like Mikey from the Crochet Crowd very helpful, his videos on YouTube are great!
However you learn best is the right way for you.

I have now added some video tutorials to help with the basic stitches, you can find them all a little way down the page, but read on first. 

All I wanted to cover here is the basics of stitch sizes, which loop to work into and a few handy tips and hints I have picked up along the way.

To me the two most important things are COUNT your stitches and RELAX.
Take your time… remember “slow and steady wins the race”.

When you relax your tension will be more even, and your results will look more even.

So lets start with some stitches…
This photo shows single crochet [sc], through to triple treble crochet [ttr].
Remember all of my tutorials are in US terms.

If you look closely you can see a diagonal thread crossing the stitch on the hdc and the dc, this shows that you have wrapped the yarn over the hook [yo] once before putting the hook through the stitch.
With the tr you can see two diagonals, three with the dtr and four with the ttr.

Also as you look at the photo you can see each of the stitches has been made through both loops of the stitch below.

When you are working in rounds, you will always be working with the right side facing you and the top loops of the stitch will sit to the right [or left for left handed] of the post of the stitch.

The post of the stitch is very difficult to see in a single crochet, but as the stitches get taller the post is easier to see.

When you are working in rows you will turn your work at the end of each row and so will always be working into the back of the row you just made and this reverses the top loops to be on the left of the stitch [right for left handed].
This is very important to remember if you want to get straight sides when working in rows.

To ensure a straight edge try using a stitch marker in the first stitch of each row, this will show you the last stitch when you turn your work.

You will often need to tilt your work slightly to see the loops, but here you can see how the edge is straight and even.

Crochet Basics Video Tutorials

♥ Slip Knot

♥ Chains

♥ Single Crochet


♥ Half Double Crochet


♥ Double Crochet


♥ Treble Crochet

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