Colour for All Seasons

Sometimes we just want to make something in seasonal colours, maybe for a festive time of year, or simply to reflect the time of year, and the glory of Mother Nature’s colours.

What I hope to do here is give you some inspiration to make your home and holiday seasons more fun and colourful.

All of the colours used in these colour boards are from the Stylecraft Special Dk range.

♥ Let’s start at the beginning of a year.

It is winter in the northern hemisphere, where I live.

There is a sense of waiting, the countryside is resting, and we find the deep green of the evergreen trees, the browns of leafless branches and ferns and grasses that have died back at the end of the growing season. There are bright red berries on the Holly trees, the skies take on a lighter cool blue colour, that’s if it is not raining and the skies are grey!!

There is frost and snow, cobwebs in the hedgerows that look like shawls made of diamonds.

Or if you are feeling a little flat, maybe the famous “Happy Colours” from my wonderful friend Ineke Mooijenkind are what you need to make your life feel joyous again.

Empire – Jaffa – Sunshine – Emperor – Wisteria – Bright Pink – Bright Green

♥ Be my Valentine.

February is my birthday month, and it is also the time of celebrating love, pinks, reds and pure white are the colours for this festival.

♥ “Spring has sprung, the grass has riss, I wonder where those birdies is!”

Hahaha, every time I think of spring that silly rhyme that my grandfather used to say pops into my head and makes me giggle 😊

Spring is the time of renewal, Easter or Ostara also comes at this time of year, with painted eggs, and baby chicks or rabbits, new growth starts and we all feel a little more joyful, the colours of the season also reflect this. Spring colours are clear and bright, with a vibrant warm glow to them.

Crocus, daffodils, and spring blossom, the hedgerows come back to life with bright greens as the sap starts to rise. Mother Nature is a cacophony of colour, so, never be scared, of mixing up the craziest of colour combinations, if She can do it, then so can you.

♥ Maypoles festooned with bright colour ribbons, we now dance into summer.

Long days of warmth and light evenings, with heat, the colours around us take on a more muted vibration and are softer than those of spring time.

There is colour all around us as gardens reach full bloom with gorgeous reds, mauves, pinks and blues, the greens of summer are softer with blue undertones.

As the seasons change again, we look to harvest festivals, with all the gorgeous rich colours of ripened fruits and vegetables.

All Hallows eve, or Halloween as most know it is closely followed by Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) and thanksgiving.

All, of these festivals celebrate good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair.

The colours of this season are all warm and rich, they glow with a vibrancy that touches us all deep within.

As we now come full circle, the time of Yule, Christmas, the Winter Solstice, again light is the major message of all of these festivals, we add sparkle to our surroundings to remind us that spring is not that far away.

I don’t suggest that you use all of the colours on these boards at the same time, these are just to spark your own creativity, and to give you ideas based on colours that match the seasons.

Over the coming year I will be making many more small projects, and maybe dipping into these colour ideas myself. Whether it is coasters, place mats, table runners, tree skirts, garlands or pillows, many small projects can be made in seasonal colours to spice up your home or office.


As always, have fun with colour, and light up your life with your own creativity.

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