Stylecraft Special DK 2021

Three fabulous new colours have just been added to the Stylecraft Special Double knitting yarn range.

This takes the number of colours in the range to 100.

As you may know, I love colour. I love playing with colour and I love to be able to control colour changes in my projects.
This is why I just love the Special DK range, the possibilities are endless.

The full range of Stylecraft Special DK is available to purchase online from Wool Warehouse 

The three new colours are Gingerbread, Warm Grey and Hint of Silver.

Gingerbread is a gorgeous warm brown with golden undertones, a fabulous colour to use as a mid-depth neutral in any warm pallet of colours.

Warm Grey is mid-depth and as the name suggests it has a warmer tone than the normal Grey so it will work perfectly with other warm colours giving a neutral background to pops of citrus colours.

Hint of Silver is a very clever colour, it adapts to the colours around it like Mushroom and Parma Violet.

Warm Grey and Hint of Silver shown with the other greys in the range.

As you can see the Warm Grey has a yellow undertone and the Hint of Silver sits between White and Silver.

In depth of colour Gingerbread sits between Mocha and Walnut, and again, as you can see, has a more yellow undertone.

Here are just a few ideas to use the new colours in some fabulous colour pallets.

The more you play with colours the more confidence you will gain.

I have many tutorials about colour to help you, you can find them all here.

Many people make their own shade cards as I have, I used embroidery thread bobbins. You can use lollipop sticks or wooden pegs.
You can also purchase a shade guide from online retailers, or there are even sets of pegs you can purchase, try searching on Etsy.



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