Stylecraft Special DK 2020

Five stunning new colours are being added to the Stylecraft Special DK range for 2020.

Proper Purple

French Navy




Available online and in your local yarn store after April 13th 2020.

Because of the current world health situation there may be some delay in availability especially for overseas shipping.

You can see the full range of Stylecraft Special DK colours by following any of these links.

  Love Crafts  –  Wool Warehouse

Below you will find lots of photos of the new colours with ideas how to mix them some of the current colours to achieve fabulous colour schemes for any project.



Proper Purple

It is the one so many of us have been waiting for!

I have been asking for some time for a proper purple, and it really is a beautiful clear purple.

I know this is going to be a hugely popular colour and I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous colour combinations you all come up with.







Whether you want to compliment with Lemon.

Blend with Lavender or Wisteria, or mix with the more pink toned Magenta and Boysenberry.

How ever you choose to use Proper Purple it will look stunning.

Can you tell I’m a purple girl at heart?









French Navy


This is a soft navy which sits between Midnight and Royal.

A fabulous colour for those of us who’s old eyes don’t work well with very dark colours.

A classic colour that can be used in wonderful ways to give class and elegance to any project.






French Navy works beautifully with all the other blues and the turquoise tones.

Use it to make colours like Magenta or Bright Pink pop in your projects.








A soft, light mustard toned yellow.

Dandelion sits perfectly between Mustard and Saffron.

This is a perfect colour for those of you who like autumnal colour themes.








Choose to use soft warm colours like Gold and Buttermilk.

Or go bright and mix with Clementine and Apple.

Dandelion is a colour that will prove to be very popular.









A stunning soft orange.

As you see Clementine sits between Spice and Jaffa.

We now have the perfect orange for rainbows!








Clementine works perfectly with Saffron and Camel or any of the warm colours.

But it is also perfectly complimented by muted greens like Lincoln and Cypress.





A bright clear new green with a yellow undertone.

As you see, not as bright as Grass Green.

Apple sits perfectly within the range of warm greens like Lime, Pistachio and Meadow.

Khaki is the perfect deep green to use with Apple.





Apple is a great colour to use with blues and yellows.

The coolness of blue shades bring Apple to life.

The warmth of yellows give a crispness to this delicious new green.






The Perfect Rainbow


With the introduction of these five stunning new colours you can now make the perfect rainbow.



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