Stylecraft Naturals Organic Cotton

A beautiful new range of 100% organic cotton yarn from Stylecraft yarns.

This new yarn is part of the Naturals range and is a Double Knitting – #3 weight.

The recommended hook size is 4mm G.

There are 38 colours in the range.

available to purchase at Wool Warehouse.

This is a long post, so you may want to grab a mug or glass of something tasty and sit back and have a look at all these glorious photos and there is a video at the bottom of this blog post.

Let’s start with the neutrals…

There are 4 cool neutrals, Iron – Storm – Dove – Gypsum.

There are 4 warm neutrals, Coffee Bean – Wood – Flax – Bone.

Using one or two neutrals with other colours helps to balance a project and can make brighter colours pop.

Pinks and Purples

From Poppy red to the beautiful Amethyst purple there are both bright and muted shades.

These pinks and purples give so much scope for your creativity.

Beautiful Blues

These beautiful cool tones blues will add a touch of sophistication to any project.

Gorgeous Greens

I am thrilled that Stylecraft has added Jade to their green shades as it is a colour I love, it is a cool-toned green that works perfectly with blues, purples or pinks.

Sea Green and Blue Lagoon are also a great addition to this new range.

Leaf is a warmer green and Cardoon and Artichoke are soft muted greens.

Perfectly Peach

As you can see there are three fabulous peach/ orange colours to add zest to anything you make.

Papaya and Blush are softer pinky-orange colours.

Citron is a very green-yellow with Buttermilk a soft yellow.

Here are some quick colour combinations I put together for you to use.

Plum – Blossom – Bone.

Think of an English summer rose garden.

To me, this is a timeless and classic colour combination.

Rosewood – Citron – Flax.

Two warm neutrals with a pop of Citron give a modern twist to any project.


Leaf – Coral – Buttermilk.

Gorgeous warm springtime colours.

Indigo Wash – Pink Clay – Faded Denim

Muted, soft, grey tones for a calm and relaxing mood.

Amethyst – Gypsum – Sea Green

Purples and teals always work well together and the addition of white gives a fresh, vibrant feel.

Poppy – Jade – Gypsum

Classic Christmas colours.

I see some decorations in the future!

Azure – Deep Sea – Moonlight – Blue Lagoon – Faded Denim

Using different shades of the same colour with a neutral in between gives interest and balance.

Amethyst – Flamingo – Carrot – Buttermilk – Jade – Azure

Because everyone loves a rainbow.

I love working with colour, but I have always found that using an odd number of colours works best.

Try to mix light, medium and dark colours.

Learn about the theory of colour and you will soon be mixing and matching and creating gorgeous projects to reflect your mood and personality.

I have many tutorials about colour HERE.

I have created a new pattern for the launch of the Naturals Organic Cotton range.

Island Dreams is an easy, quick project to try out new colours or to use up odds and ends from your stash.

You can find all the details and the pattern by clicking the link Island Dreams.

Please enjoy this short video to introduce you to this gorgeous new yarn.



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