New Stylecraft Special Colours

August 2017


When you are a yarnaholic, there is nothing more satisfying than new colours in your favourite yarn!

Stylecraft Special Dk really is my favourite yarn, I love the weight, feel, wear ability, the colours…. Oh, the amazing colours.

Here are three brand new colours, Lapis, Blush, and Lincoln.

Something for me to ramble on about for a while, and hopefully something that will help you to see where they fit into the range.

From my other tutorials about colour you will know I have lollypop sticks, little cards, and small crochet squares. Here are my cards and squares in their handy little storage boxes, with the new additions below.

Let’s look at where each one fits, into the range, and, also with reference to the colour wheel.


A rich, clear, mid to deep blue.
As you can see, slightly lighter than Royal, and deeper than Aster.
Also looking at the other blues of the same depth of colour, Storm Blue is a slightly green/grey blue, and Denim is more greyed, or muted.


A fabulous, soft salmon pink.
Slightly more orange than Fondant or Candyfloss, yet more pink than Shrimp or Vintage Peach.
As you can see this is a lighter version of Pomegranate, and is a wonderful addition to the colour range.


A beautiful, light, clear green.
The same depth of colour as Sage, which is more blue, and Meadow, and Lime, which are both more yellow.

Here are a few ideas how to use or mix the new colours with some of the existing favourites.
Which neutrals will work best?

Lapis, as a true blue, is a cool colour, and so the cool neutrals will work best.
Anything from Black through to White, the photo shows Lapis between Graphite and Silver.

Blush, is an orange tones pink, which makes it a warm colour, and so the warm neutrals will blend well with Blush, and give a beautiful soft look to the colour mix. Shown with Mocha and Cream, you could use Dark Brown or Walnut for more depth, or Parchment for a more muted look.

Lincoln, although this is neither a blue or yellow green, I personally feel the cool neutrals work really well with this soft and pretty green. Grey and White add both depth and lift, for a cool fresh look.

Perfect Harmony

Let’s have a little look at our yummy new colours with some harmonizing colours.

Remember a harmonizing colour is one that shares the same tone [mix of colours], it can be lighter or darker, as you can see here.

Lincoln, with Bottle and Green, all clear greens with neither blue or yellow as a dominant tone, a classically relaxing pallet of colour.

Blush, with Pomegranate and Soft Peach, soft and warm, this gives a fresh yet snuggly vibe.

Lapis, with Aster and Cloud Blue, fresh, bright and cooling.

Let’s mix it up!

The combinations of colours you can use in any project is infinate, these are just one example for each of the new colours.

Lapis, with Cloud Blue to harmonise and lift the pallet, Grey as a neutral, and Copper as a complementary tone to make the blues “pop”.

Blush, with Mocha and Cream, both neutrals yet they also are in harmony, and Storm Blue a muted, complementary colour, which is the same depth as Blush and Mocha, giving a gentle contrast to the warmth of the other colours.

Lincoln, with Grey and White adding clarity and contrast, with Vintage Peach as a complementary colour, maintaining a soft mid-toned pallet.

Remember the possibilities are endless, never be scared to play with colour… the worst that can happen is you “frog” it, and chalk it up to another lesson learned. 🙂

I think these three new colours are perfect additions to the colour range, and I know I will be using them in future projects.

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