Mr J – Adventures in the snow

Oooh it has snowed again!

Yippeeee, my Mum is just kind of crazy enough to drive to the woods today and let me run around in the snow.

I had so much fun, running and jumping into the snow, rolling around and getting all this lovely cold white stuff all over my face.

We walk in these woods every day, most of the time mum just lets me walk or run at my own pace, sometimes I do have to run really fast to catch up with her when she calls me, but I always get a tiny treat when I find her which is good.

There are days when we don’t see another soul and all we hear is the birds singing and the woodpeckers tapping away at the trees.

Other days we meet some of the friends I have made, and I get to chase around in circles with them while my mum and their mum or dad has a chat, then off we go, on our way again.

The woods can be very muddy, which means I get a shower when we get home, and then mum dries me with her hairdryer and I get a lovely brush, I have found if I lay on my back and raise my front legs I get a lovely warm, dry tummy. Then I am allowed to lay down where ever I want, even on the crochet mum is working on, or under my favourite blanket.

Well it’s time for a nap now, so I will say good bye.

Be happy and live every day with freedom.




  1. Bery l Weintraub

    There is something about a westie and mine thinks all the blankets I crochet are for him, we’ll who am I to argue. Merlin wins every time.

  2. Renee Pittman

    Mr J is so cute. He must really love the snow

  3. Olivia

    Mr J has really found a heavenly home!!

  4. Maria

    It’s good there are photo’s, otherwise I would have believed J lives in heaven … especially the part of the hair dryer and a warm, dry tummy and then napping under such a beautiful blanket after all the running and sniffing in the woods… If I promise to walk on all fours as well could I please come and live with you?

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