Becoming a Member of Crystals and Crochet

Hi 😊

I would like to explain how my new website works and what the Membership is all about.

You can become a member by clicking on the “Members” button in the navigation bar, “Become a Member” button on the home page, or at the bottom of any pattern page.


Free Member.

Firstly, you can use the website as a FREE – non-paying member, but to download a free or paid pattern you will need to create an account… just like any other site.

All the information taken on the site is NEVER ever passed on in any way, so your information is totally safe. For more information take a look at the Privacy Policy.

All patterns that you purchase will remain in your My Crochet Collection within the member account, so you can come back to them at any time, do make sure you are signed in before you complete check out. If you lose a pdf you will not have to pay for it again, simply go to My Crochet Collection in your Members area to see your previous downloads😊

Free patterns are all accessed from your members dashboard – Free Patterns. You can download as many times as you need to, just click on the pattern /part you want and a window with all the options opens, click on the one you want and the pdf will download for you.

Upgrading to a Paid Member.

You can choose to upgrade to a paid monthly membership at any time. Simply go to the members area by clicking on “Members” at the top of any page.

This will take you to your dashboard where there will be an upgrade button, click and follow the instructions to become a paid member.


Joining as a Paid Member.

You can join/subscribe and pay a monthly fee of £2.00; that is two GB Pounds/sterling.

The monthly subscription is accepted via recurring direct debit, this is for UK bank account holders only.

For non UK bank account holders please use the PayPal or Stripe option to set up a recurring monthly subscription.

Obviously, exchange rates change all the time so please check the exchange rate for your currency.

Each month, once your payment has been processed you will receive 2 credits which can be used as an alternative to purchasing patterns, credits are valid for 12 months.

Each pattern has a £GBP value and a credit value, so you can choose how you would like to pay – at check out please select woo credits.

You will find some patterns have a discount when using credits!


PLEASE NOTE: we investigated different stage payments, like annual etc and it was not cost effective for me to do that.


Cancelling your Paid Membership.

Upon cancellation your paid membership will become a free membership, you will still have access to all the patterns that you have purchased or any free patterns stored in your account.

You can cancel your paid membership at any time but do remember you will lose the benefits of discounts on patterns and your credits.


Free Downloads

Within the shop, you will find some free patterns, at a cost of £0.00.

In order to download any of my free patterns, you must be a member, you can choose to be a Free or Monthly/Paid member.

Simply sign in and go to your dashboard – select – Free Patterns – scroll down and find the pattern you want – click – choose an option – download.

Paying for patterns

Within the shop, there are also patterns that are available to purchase.

When you choose to download a paid pattern, choose an option and click add to basket, the pattern will be added to your basket and you will need to go through the checkout process and enter your payment details to complete the download. Please make sure you are signed in before you complete checkout, your pdf and videos are then saved in your member area, in the My Crochet Collection section, so you can access them at any time.

Once checkout is complete, you will be directed to an Order Received page where you can then download your pattern.




If there are both photo tutorials and written patterns, you will receive both pdfs in your chosen terms, so you can then choose which you prefer to work from.


PLEASE NOTE: at checkout we remind you that, because of the nature of your purchase being a pdf download, we do not and cannot allow refunds.


You can then choose how to pay.

PayPal – either pay with your PayPal account balance or a credit/debit card.

Stripe – credit card payments.

Direct Debit – pay directly from your bank account – UK bank account holders only – this is a single payment and not recurring (except in the case of purchasing a monthly membership subscription).

Credits – if you have enough credits you can use them to pay for your patterns.


What else do paid members get?

Currently the main benefit for our monthly members are the great discounts available on many of our patterns, as well as using credits to download these patterns.



Please remember that we constantly upgrading this new website and we will be adding many exciting new features as we move forward. If you have any feature requests, please feel free to get in touch!

In the meantime, have fun purchasing, downloading and crocheting any of my patterns – directly from me! 😊

Although you will still find my patterns through Ravelry, you will find some are higher priced because of the fee they charge me.


Please Note: If your country applies a VAT or sales tax, like the UK, Europe and Australia then you will also save that as I am not VAT registered because my business is too small 😊



You will also find all my Tutorials here, and I will be adding more…. lots more in the future!

My tutorials are all free and can be access without a membership.

Where there are video tutorials you will be able to access them directly from my website, so no need to worry about finding links anymore.


Blog Posts

My blog includes all kinds of stuff, from posts about new yarns, to Stylecraft Blogstar meet ups, to my travels or fun at home with my little pal Mr J the westie.



If you are a Facebook user, then make sure you join my group Helen’s Hookaholics where there is always someone around to answer your questions about any of my patterns and designs.


If you need help with any aspect of using my website, or if you do not use Facebook, please feel free to contact me via the contact tab at the top of any page.

This will forward an email directly to me, but please understand that I may not reply immediately.



Video – How to become a member



Video tutorials to show you how the website works for Free Member and Paid Member




This brief video shows you how to use the website to purchase paid patterns or download free patterns.





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