Beautiful Bags

          So many people seem to be making bags at the moment, and I am no exception. Firstly a new design by yours truly… Tic Tac Tote! 039 I am working on a couple of big projects at the moment and had an idea that didn’t work out… often happens to us designers! So what to do with all these small squares I had made? As I sat there looking at them I had a sudden flash back to childhood and hours upon hours spent playing “Noughts and Crosses” or “Tic Tac Toe” as it is also known. Then that little voice in the back of my head said Tic Tac Tote! And so the tote bag started to take shape. I played around with different ideas for the handles and flicked through some of the numerous books I have on crochet and crafting. I came across crochet cord and after playing for a while found it really easy and very effective. You can make your handles as long or short as you want them. Though I have made these with Stylecraft Special double knitting, which is an acrylic, and does stretch a little, made with a cotton yarn they are very strong and have very little give in them. So if you want a bag to carry a fair bit of weight, I would suggest using a cotton yarn.

You can find the pattern here on my Ravelry page.

Fat Bottom Sophie

  015 The other bag I have just finished is a “Fat Bottom Sophie”. Kimberly Slifer posted photos of her Fat Bottom Bag on the CCC group on facebook and it gave me the inspiration I was looking for to use a Sophies Garden I had made. You can see Kimberlys bag here and the original here at You can find the pattern for Sophie’s Garden here I had started to make a Sophie’s Universe in Stylecraft Special Aran and just knew it was going to be way to heavy as a blanket so stopped at the “Garden” stage. So first I lined it and added some pockets for my hooks and other bits and bobs… 007 Then I had to make a few adjustments to the original pattern, so started to make up the sides by working along with the first row of sc2tog, and then worked up ten rows of single crochet. 002 I tried to find some nice bamboo handles, but all I could find was some really naff orange plastic ones, so I crochet over them, joined them to the front and back, by folding over the section of single crochet and sewing them in place. 013 Then, because I feel that Sophie’s Garden needs very little addition, I simply made some flowers and added them to the front and back, and also added a spiral. 014 - Copy And hey presto I now have a lovely new “wip” [work in progress] bag. 016 and there is a tiny sneeky peek at one of the new designs I am working on  Dreamy Daisy which is going to be part of my “Bloomin’ Blanket”… more about that another day 🙂 Happy Hookin 🙂 Save



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