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Star of Wonder

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One of the things I like most about designing with crochet, is that I can let my imagination run wild.

I am often amazed where the ideas come from, whether it is the colours I use or the combination of stitches, it all seems to magically blend together.

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With modern crochet, we are not limited with colour, shape, or stitches.

And so, here is Star of Wonder, an 8-sided blanket!

Why 8 sides? Well why not 🙂

It lays beautifully on a bed, with four of the sides cutting across the corners of the bed.

Eight sided stars have been used throughout history, by many different cultures.

To signify great celestial events, the wheel of the year and celebrated festivals.

It can symbolise bringing order to chaos, it is also known as the symbol of creation, often depicted as a sun, the giver of life.



I started designing with yarn from my stash, all Stylecraft Special Double Knitting, working with three shades of each colour of the rainbow. I do love rainbows!

Though I have gone for a bright rainbow, it would work equally as well as a pastel rainbow, for those who like a softer colour pallet.

Yarn Packs

Star of Wonder Teal

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

4 x C1  Duck Egg
5 x C2  Sage
4 x C3  Teal
3 x C4  Claret
3 x C5  Mocha

Colour per round is included in the pattern.

Recommended hook 4mm – G
Finished size 198 cm / 78 inches

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Star of Wonder Rainbow

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting

1 x Burgundy 1 x Claret
1 x Lipstick 1 x Copper
1 x Spice 1 x Apricot
1 x Gold 1 x Saffron
1 x Citron 1 x Green
1 x Grass Green 1 x Spring Green
1 x Empire 1 x Turquoise
1 x Sherbert 1 x Royal
1 x Denim 1 x Cloud Blue
1 x Lavender 1 x Violet
1 x Emperor 1 x Clematis
2 x Magenta 2 x Plum

Rainbow Star of Wonder colours per round

Recommended hook 4mm – G
Finished size 198 cm / 78 inches.

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Star of Wonder Blue Aran

Stylecraft Special Aran

7 x C1-Silver
8 x C2-Cloud Blue
7 x C3-Denim
5 x C4-Midnight
5 x C5-White

Colour per round is included in the pattern.

Recommended hook 5.5mm – I
Finished size 240 cm / 96 inches.

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♥ Choosing colours for your project

For some this is easy, for others a minefield, fraught with too much stress!

Here is a little guide for you:
Choose your main colour (muted green in my case), now pick 3 shades in that colour, a light, medium and darker.
I chose Duck Egg, Sage, and Teal.
Now pick a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel, for me Red (claret).
Now pick a neutral, you can go light, medium or dark, I chose Mocha.

For more help with colour choice please check out any of my blog posts on colour.
Colour me Happy, A World of Colour, Choosing Colours for Your Crochet Projects.

Now number your colours:
C1- Lightest shade of main colour – Duck Egg,
C2-Medium shade of main colour – Sage,
C3-Darkest shade of main colour – Teal,
C4-Complimentary colour – Claret,
C5-Neutral – Mocha.

♥ The pattern gives details of which colour is used where.♥

I wanted this design to be different, so you can choose where you stop.

At any point, up to round 51 you will have an eight-pointed star, from there onwards you will be filling in the valleys in the star to give an octagon.

This is the star of Wonder one of my testers made, Danielle decided to be different and end on round 70, and then add a round of front loop double crochet and a round of folding single crochet, so that there are still points, and the valleys are only partially filled in. and she added these really cute bobbles to the points.

Danielle used: Red Heart Yarn with a 5.5mm hook, in Medium Thyme, Frosty Green, Burgundy, Country Blue, Windsor Blue, Soft White, Coffee, and Gold.

Also Ineke decided to make a cushion with the remaining yarn she had, and we worked together to come up with a pattern for you.

You can choose to do both sides the same, Ineke reversed the colours, as you can see here in her black and white version.
Or you can follow the plain back that is in the pattern.

If you should decide to use only two colours, like Ineke, then just change colour each time the pattern tells you to, alternating each of your colours, except Round 35 which should be the same colour as Round 34, then just alternate again.


Because we all seem to just love bright colours, this is Ineke’s second Star of Wonder.

And last but not least… here are two Star of Wonders made by Terena.
First her rainbow colours, all stylecraft special dk, just slightly different colours to mine.


Terena used: Burgundy 1, Claret 1, Lipstick 1, Copper 1, Shrimp 1, Apricot 1, Sunshine 1 and a little bit, Citron 1, Lemon 1, Green 1, Kelly Green 1, Spring Green 1, Empire 1, Turquoise 1, Sherbet 1, Royal 1, Denim 1, Cloud Blue, 1, Wisteria 1, Violet 1, Emperor 1, Clematis 1 and a little bit, Magenta 1, Plum 1.


And her gorgeous purple and green colour pallet.

Violet x 5, Lavender x 4, Emperor x 4, Cream x 3, Grass Green x 3

There are video tutorials for some of the special stitches, like the Bead Stitch, Crossed dc, puff stitch, and folding sc.
You can find them and other video tutorials on my YouTube Channel. ♥

Shine bright ♥

I also made a video tutorial for Rounds 7 and 8 to help you through the tricky bits.

 Please remember all of my patterns are covered by copyright law and may not be copied or shared in any way. You may share a link to my website or Ravelry store with anyone, you may print the PDF for your own use, but please do not alter, change or share in any way.

 Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you. 

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